Tennessee Titans: Ryan Tannehill Should be Named Starting Quarterback

The Tennessee Titans have a quarterback controversy on their hands. With a 20-7 loss on the road to the Jacksonville Jaguars on Thursday night, it might be time for Tennessee to make a switch at the quarterback position. This team would be 3-0 right now and not 1-2 if they had decent quarterback play.

Last night was the most points they have given up all season and it is obvious the defense is not the problem. Mariota missed open wide receivers last night. He was also sacked nine times, but there is no way you can blame the offensive line for all nine of those sacks.

Head Coach Mike Vrabel needs to name Ryan Tannehill his starting quarterback in Week 4 at the Atlanta Falcons (1-1). Tannehill can’t be much worse at this point. He actually played well in the preseason and there was some speculation that Ryan Tannehill could have been the Week 1 starter but that wasn’t the case.

Mariota did complete 23-of-40 passes for 304 yards in Thursday night’s game, but he obviously wasn’t good enough. This stat can be blind because Marcus Mariota threw for under 100 yards in the first half. There is a reason why they run the ball with Derrick Henry a lot. Mariota did rush for 34 yards on six carries.

Mariota is holding this team back and they need a spark. Tennessee has too much talent on this team to be 1-2 in the first three weeks of the season.

The Titans only offensive touchdown in the game came in the fourth quarter on a 1-yard rushing touchdown by Derrick Henry. He rushed for 44 yards on 17 carries and a score. Henry also caught one pass for two yards receiving.

When Garden Minshew II, who completed 20-of-30 passes for 204 yards and two touchdowns beats you, it is time for this team to make a move. Tennessee has lost two games to backup quarterbacks and what’s worse is that they are both divisional games.

If Ryan Tannehill were to start and he definitely should, they are going be in much better hands even though Miami Dolphins fans wouldn’t think so because he was with Miami before being traded their this offseason. Tannehill will have a solid offensive line, solid wide receivers, and one of the best running backs in the league.

The Tennessee Titans defense is one of the best in the NFL, but they are constantly on the field because of how putrid the offense has been so far this season.

Even though Malcolm Butler has not been great in coverage this season, they still have very good players in the secondary.

Head Coach Mike Vrabel is only in his second season. Nonetheless, he needs to make a move now rather than waiting before it is too late. If Tannehill doesn’t work out, they would most likely draft somebody in 2020.

Marcus Mariota‘s contract is up at the end of the season. He was the second overall pick in the 2015 season. Mariota has not been the same ever since his second NFL season for some reason.

He was never able to get better for some apparent reason. Marcus Mariota might be in the NFL after the season as a backup with another team. However, he will probably not be a starter again in the NFL.

This team could go 8-8 and 9-7 and it would be enough to possibly win the AFC South. Vrabel hasn’t faced this type of decision yet. Now is the time to do it, instead of waiting this thing out.

What do you believe the Tennessee Titans should do with Ryan Tannehill? Leave a comment below.

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