NFL Week 3: Top Five Games to Watch

Are you ready for week 3 in the 2019 NFL Season? Here is a look at five games you should have your eyes on.

Detroit Lions at Philadelphia Eagles

Detroit got a big win Sunday against the Los Angeles Chargers. Despite looking second best for parts of that game, they will feel blessed to avoid an 0-2 start. The Lions have Kansas City waiting in the wings in Michigan the following week. Darius Slay, who had a big interception in Week 2 picked off Carson Wentz when the Lions and Eagles last met. That sealed a Detroit win during the 2016 NFL Season. Meanwhile, Philadelphia lost to Atlanta this past Sunday, nearly prevailing despite the injuries piling up in that game. Their depth will be put to the test against a good secondary. The Eagles would like to get off to better starts than what they have shown in type previous two first halves.


Houston Texans at Los Angeles Chargers

Both teams have played two close games, putting their fan bases on the edge of their seats. Houston needed a stop on a two-point conversion to get by the Jacksonville Jaguars in their home opener. The Texans defense is very strong. I think they need a good showing from start to finish this week in order to get a road win. They have not had great success against the Los Angeles Chargers since coming into the league in 2002. On the other side, the Chargers squandered chances on special teams and near the goal line, which cost them a win last week. Their fan base has seen so much of that over the years, and it’s been hard for them to see their team shake off that label. This team is still very talented, but the final grade on them, much like the Texans will be based on getting to and going deep in the playoffs.

Baltimore Ravens at Kansas City Chiefs

Last year’s game went to the wire, and both were playoff participants. These two teams have different ways of going about their business. Baltimore likes ball control and shortening the game, keeping their stout defense fresh. Kansas City can strike at any time with alacrity. Lamar Jackson so far has stepped up his game, and Patrick Mahomes has shown no signs of a sophomore slump. The Heisman Trophy winner of two seasons ago would love to have the chance to redeem himself as he got injured in the extra session. Robert Griffin III was called upon to finish the fixture in a three-point loss. Games like these can go a long way towards playoff seeding implications within the conference.

New Orleans Saints at Seattle Seahawks

The Saints are trying to stay afloat for the foreseeable future with the absence of Drew Brees. It is a tricky assignment because New Orleans has had trouble winning in the Pacific Northwest even when the former Purdue quarterback was healthy. Teddy Bridgewater was able to get some unexpected playing time last week. Perhaps his second game will be more steady. He has some skilled playmakers to take some of the pressure off of him. On the other side, Russell Wilson and the Seahawks are trying to keep up the early pace this NFL season. One would have to guess in the back of their minds that they know about the fast starts by their NFC West counterparts in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Though Pittsburgh lost Ben Roethlisberger for the season, it was no small feat by a team from the Pacific Time Zone to be physically and mentally focused for a game played at 1 p.m. in an Eastern city. The Seahawks showed a lot of poise.


Atlanta Falcons at Indianapolis Colts

This game may not produce the big headlines like some of the other games will, but the winner of this game will be 2-1 and will be in a good spot in their own respective division. Jacoby Brissett has gotten a lot of playing time after he was once the third-string quarterback in New England. Frank Reich was a good offensive coordinator in Philadelphia, so I am not surprised to see Indianapolis compete and give themselves chances to win. The Atlanta Falcons got a great game from Desmond Trufant, picking off two passes from Carson Wentz. It was an impressive bounce back after a poor showing in Minneapolis. Going back to the 2016 NFL season, Atlanta did lose their first game when they came out of the NFC. Both teams should be comfortable playing in Lucas Oil Stadium since these are two sides that regularly play indoors.

What NFL games are you most looking forward to this weekend? Leave a comment below.

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