USF Bulls: The Good, Bad, and Ugly vs South Carolina State Bulldogs

Something occurred that the Bulls have had in eight games. That’s right they got a win. They finally ended their losing streak. Now many will say it was to a cupcake. Their opponent was the South Carolina State Bulldogs. The Bulldogs came into the game with a 2-0 record. The Bulls finally looked good on offense which was an enigma in the first two games. The Bulls only scored 10 points that all came in the last game against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. They were shut out in the first game against the Wisconsin Badgers. Now the rumor going around this week was the change at quarterback. Well, that did happen despite the jumbotron saying Blake Barnett it was Jordan McCloud. McCloud a redshirt freshman who went to Plant High School in Tampa. The game was much needed for the Bulls.


The Good: Two new records set

The USF Bulls set two new records against the Bulldogs. One was a single-game record the Bulls caused 8 turnovers. They had 5 fumbles and 3 interceptions. Which lead to a 55-16 win. The offense was put in an advantageous position by the defense and special teams. The other record belongs now too tight end Mitchell Wilcox. Wilcox passed Sean Price as the leader for touchdown receptions for USF. Wilcox could have gone in NFL draft last year. He decided to come back for his senior season. This was a great thing in a much-needed win for the Bulls. Now they will have a bye week and start conference play on the 28th against the SMU Mustangs.

The Bad: Bulldogs defense

Now, it was hard to come up with a bad for this game. If I had to come up with one it would be the Bulldogs defense. They allowed 55 points. Now I know they are not in the same league as the Bulls. In some cases, it wasn’t their fault because the offense had 8 turnovers. It’s hard when your offense puts your position where it hard to stop the other team. The Bulls would start most of their turnovers deep in Bulldogs territory. Now the Bulls had a chance for 6o plus points but at the end took a knee and ended the game. I believe this was the right move and out of respect.

The Ugly: The Crowd

This wasn’t the Wisconsin Badgers. The crowd for that game was nearly a shutout. There was nearly no one at this game. The Bulls want the fans to come out support this team. Yes, I know they were on an eight-game losing streak. That just shows in some cases not all that some fans are fair-weather fans. Coach Charlie Strong is trying everything to get the fans out and show these kids that it is great to be a USF Bull. Now the ones that made it out saw a great game with the records broken. It needs to get better moving forward to make Raymond James a tough place to play.


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