Florida Gators: A Look at the Good, Bad, and Ugly vs Kentucky Wildcats

Once again, the Kentucky Wildcats gave the Florida Gators fits. The Wildcats seem to be the thorn in the side of the Gators. The last three season even though the Gators are 2-1 the Wildcats could have won all three games. The game that happens last night was no different. The Gators just found a way to get a win. It took the Wildcats missed a field goal late and a big pass play to seal the game. It isn’t all god for the Gators even though they came out on top. The rest of the season is now up in the air. Despite the loss look for the Wildcats look for them to use it as motivation. Here is the good, bad and ugly from the Gators vs Wildcats.


The Good: Kentucky Offense

The Wildcats had 408 yards of total offense. They moved the ball all night long. On third down conversations they were 8 for 14. On fourth down, they were 1 for 2. These plays extend drives and kept the Gators offense off the field. Where it showed the most is in the passing game. The Wildcats were able to have 267 yards threw the air. On the ground, they rushed for 140 yards. This is what gave the Gators defense so much trouble last year. Now the only bad side that I saw was the three interceptions. Sawyer Smith was great despite getting bang-up. The Wildcats overall are a young team and look for them to be a force moving forward.

The Bad: Gators Defense

This defense had 26 sacks in the first two games this season. They only had one sack in this game. The Gators defense also allowed the Wildcats to possess the ball for almost 35 minutes. I know they caused 3 interceptions and a fumble and that was the bright side. The defense looked off and moving forward it has been the strength for the Gators. They will now have to step up with quarterback Feleipe Franks being injured. But allowing the Wildcats to go 8 for 14 on third down isn’t good. If you’re not able to get off the field, it leaves your offense on the sideline. I know in the end the offense had the big play to seal the game. Look for the defense and offense to play big next week against the Volunteers.

The Ugly: Feleipe Franks Injury

Like I said above the Gators got a win. But this win came at a big cost. Feleipe Franks is out for the rest of the season. Now the question is how this will affect the Gators moving forward. Kyle Trask will be the quarterback for the rest of the season. Now we all know the Gators have a great pass attack. They need to establish a run game to help their young quarterback. As the Gators now focus on the 1-2 Volunteers who have looked awful at times. It will not be the same without Franks. Florida Gators fans flooded message boards and every social media platform sending prayers to Franks on a speedy recovery.


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