New England Patriots: The Good, Bad and Ugly vs Pittsburgh Steelers

The NFL season has finally arrived. This means all the football fanatics can finally get their fix. For some teams, it means at a shot at the Super Bowl. For others no matter what they will focus on the 2020 draft. One of the teams is defending the champs. That would be the New England Patriots. They are also known as “America Nightmare”. The season for them started at home against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Most thought this would be a shootout between two good teams. The Steelers lost Antonio Brown and Leveon Bell. Brown just recently signed with Patriots but couldn’t play with them last night. I wrote an article that I believe the Steelers will have better a season because of the drama that Brown and Bell caused. Here are my good, bad and ugly from the Patriots vs Steelers.


The Good: Patriots Offense

Now like I said above Antonio Brown who was released by the Oakland Raiders signed with the Patriots. He will be available this upcoming week against the Miami Dolphins. The Patriots are of course without Rob Gronkowski who retired. Well, they didn’t need either of those gentlemen. The Patriots put up 33 points. Now the Patriots recently brought back wide receiver Josh Gordan who was reinstated by the NFL. He shined having one touchdown catch and 73 yards. The other wideout that the Patriots used well was Phillip Dorsett. Dorsett had two touchdown catches and 95-yards. The entire Patriots offense had 465 yards of total offense. This offense will get better with the addition of Brown and when Ben Watson comes back from suspension. The Dolphins let the Baltimore Ravens score 59 points how many will the Patriots score?

The Bad: Steelers Offense

The entire night the offense just looked out of sync. They only scored 3 points. Now, most offenses had been awful against Belichick. When he has time to prepare, he can find a way to shut down their main weapon. In this case, it was JuJu Smith-Schuster is now that number one weapon. He had 6 receptions for 78-yards. The Patriots defense made them go to their second weapons. The Pittsburgh Steelers will have to find a way to fix this issue. They were only three for 12 on the third-down conversation. As a team they only had 308-yards which for most teams is good but not on this night against the Patriots.

The Ugly: Steelers getting beat easily

For Patriots fans this was an awesome way to start the season. For the fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers, they are scratching their heads. Most fans including mean though they would see a close game. I always thought the Pats were going to win. The Steelers have been a team that Patriots bump into in the playoffs. Now, with the Patriots getting better on offense and still putting up big numbers it won’t be a good matchup. There were some close competitive games yesterday this was not one of them. Now like I said I am a Patriots fan and like the way w started and we may have our way with the Dolphins this Sunday.


What about the start for the New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers? Leave a comment below.

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