NFL Week 1: Dallas Cowboys Cruise Against the New York Giants

The New York Giants drove down the field on their first drive of the game against the Dallas Cowboys and Eli Manning threw a 1-yard touchdown pass to Evan Engram to give them a 7-0 lead. However, after that moment, Dak Prescott decided to slice and dice New York’s defense apart.

He completed 25-of-32 passes for 405 yards and four touchdowns in a Dallas 35-17 win over the Giants. With this performance by Dak, it might be time to pay him and lock him up long term. I totally understand that New York’s defense is horrendous, but he did what he is supposed to do against bad teams.

Prescott also rushed for 12 yards on four carries. In the first-quarter, Dak Prescott threw a 28-yard touchdown pass to Blake Jarwin. He caught three passes for 39 yards receiving and a score.


On the New York Giants next drive, they weren’t able to convert on a third-down play and Eli Manning was called for intentional grounding.

Prescott threw a 4-yard touchdown pass to Jason Witten in the second quarter. This was Witten’s first game back after he retired for a season. Jason Witten caught three passes for 15 yards receiving and a score.

Amari Cooper also caught a 21-yard touchdown pass later in the second quarter. He finished with six receptions for 106 yards receiving and a score.

With the Cowboys leading 21-10 in the third-quarter, Randall Cobb caught a 25-yard touchdown pass from Prescott. Cobb finished with four receptions for 69 yards receiving and a score. Michael Gallup was Dallas’s leading receiver with seven receptions for 158 yards receiving.

Ezekiel Elliott scored on a 10-yard touchdown run for the Dallas Cowboys in the third quarter. He was efficient after signing his contract extension. Elliott rushed for 53 yards on 13 carries and a score. He also caught one pass for 10 yards receiving.

Rookie running back Tony Pollard rushed for 24 yards on 13 carries.

Kellen Moore did a tremendous job of calling plays for the Dallas Cowboys offense.

Wayne Gallaman Jr. scored on a 2-yard touchdown run for the New York Giants in the fourth quarter. He rushed for 17 yards on two carries and a score.

Saquon Barkley rushed for 120 yards on 11 carries. He also caught four passes for 19 yards receiving. Barkley needs more carries next week because he ran the ball well when he hit the hole, but I can understand why Head Coach Pat Shurmur didn’t want to run him into the ground.

Shurmur didn’t do a tremendous job of play calling in this one. He needs to make adjustments heading into next week.

Eli Manning completed 30-of-44 passes for 306 yards and one touchdown. He rushed for six yards on one carry. Daniel Jones came in late in the game. He completed 3-of-4 passes for 17 yards.  Jones rushed for five yards on one carry.

Evan Engram was the Giants leading receiver with 11 receptions for 116 yards receiving and one touchdown.

It might be another long season in New York. As for Dallas, it might be another fun season for them.

The New York Giants (0-1) will host the Buffalo Bills (1-0) next Sunday. The Dallas Cowboys (1-0) will go on the road and face the Washington Redskins (0-1) next Sunday.

How do you feel about the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants after week 1? Leave a comment below.

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