Florida Gators: A Look Back at the Good, Bad, and Ugly vs Hurricanes

If college football was looking to get off to a good start, they got it. For the state of Florida, it featured the Florida Gators and Miami Hurricanes. These two teams had not played each other since 2013. This week in college football is known as week 0. Most of the other teams will start their season this upcoming Friday and Saturday. I had the pleasure of watching the game with close friends. Here is my good, bad, and ugly for the Florida Gators vs Miami Hurricanes.


Good: Overall Game

To me, it was the overall game. This game many thought the Florida Gators would dominate the Miami Hurricanes. The Hurricanes came out and drove right down the field that led to a field goal. The Gators would answer with a touchdown. The second quarter was dominated by the Hurricanes. They scored 10 points and would have the lead going into halftime at 13-7. The Gators would come out and have a good third-quarter scoring their own 10 points. They would have the lead 17-13. Leading into an exciting final quarter. The Hurricanes scored on a wildcat play and would take the lead 20-17 with 14:15 left in the game. The gators would counter with a score with 8:18 left taking a 24-20 lead.

The Hurricanes had many opportunities on their final drive as the Gators committed multiple pass interference penalties. They could not recover on the final drive which stalled on the Gators 26 yard-line. The Gators would take one snap in the victory formation.

Bad: Florida Gators Turnovers

The Gators had 4 turnovers in the game. These turnovers kept the game closer than it should have been. Feleipe Franks had two interceptions and had some issues with handing the ball off to running backs. In two occasions it caused two fumbles. There was only one turnover that the Hurricanes were unable to capitalize on. The other three scored points that set them up to win the game. The last interception put them in position to have a game-winning drive. The Gators put themselves in some bad spots with these turnovers and nearly cost them the game that would have been a big blow.

Ugly: Miami Hurricanes Penalties and Sacks

Like I said in the previous paragraphs the Hurricanes played well enough to win the game. The main problem was the Hurricanes offensive line. We all knew to go into the game that there were to freshman starting on the offensive line. The Hurricanes had many delays of game, offsides, and holding penalties. They had 14 penalties for 118 yards. Most of these penalties would come in the middle of drives that either hurt or ended them. One of the penalties would lead to a longer field goal in which they missed. The Hurricanes also aloud their young red-shirted freshman get sacked 10 times. Just like the penalties in some cases they would come at the wrong time. Had they been able to cut down on these they would have beat the Gators.

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