Good Boys: A Look Inside the Raunchy, Adolescent Comedy

Adolescent movies are rare these days. Booksmart came out earlier this year but other than that, none are worth mentioning or having a lasting impression. There is only so much you can do with the “coming of age” genre. Good Boys takes a turn on it by its lewd humor delivered by tweens.

Gene Stupinsky directs the movie. He has had some involvement in raunchy movies such as Bad Teacher (the movie and the show). The movie being produced by Seth Rogan, Evan Goldberg, and Jonah Hill is the key behind the scenes people that made this movie what it is.


It stars Jacob Tremblay (Max), who caught early success for his role in Room(2015).  He was nominated by the Screen Actors Guild for best actor in a supporting role. Since then, I have been keeping an eye on him and hoping for more roles to come his way. His castmates are Keith L. Williams (Lucas) and Brad Noon (Thor).

Good Boys is about three-six grade boys wanting to fit into middle school as much as possible while also entering puberty. Max is hormonal over a girl, Thor cares too much of what his peers think of him, and Lucas struggling with his parent’s divorce. All scenarios a middle schooler goes through. Max is wanting to go to a kissing party with the cool kids. He finds out it is a kissing party and the boys don’t know how to kiss. So they spy on high school girls to learn and the girls somewhat turn into the protagonist of the movie by keeping the boys from their goal.

My favorite aspect about these types of movies is who play the parents of the main characters. It is usually A+, well-known actors who make a good cameo or have a limited role. Max’s dad is played by Will Forte. Lucas’ mom is played by Parks And Rec alum, Retta, who funnily enough is in a show good called Good Girls. His father is played by Lil Rel Howery

What I liked about this movie is the boys seem to have different character dynamics that contributed to the comedy when having roles together. For Max, I got a Jason Bateman vibe from him. He, indeed, plays a funny role without acting funny, with straight-man acting. Next, Lucas is the wholesome, do-gooder. Finally, Thor is the wild card who is afraid to show his softer side.


Overall I liked this movie. The runtime for the movie is an hour and forty minutes. The jokes of the movie lend themselves on the main characters using a sex toy or misunderstanding something about sex that a prepubescent boy would say. Thus the movies raunchy humor can be played out if it were any longer. 

A question for this movie is, should your tween see it? The movie has an R rating. There aren’t any sex scenes but there is a lot of sexual dialogue like having sex with a CPR doll that would be unfit for children. Visually, there isn’t anything obscene for children. Therefore, it depends on how mature your kid is at thirteen which.

In my review of Booksmart, I said its this generations Superbad. For this movie, I started to think it’s this generation’s Little Rascals but it’s up in the air if this should be viewed by a younger audience as Little Rascals can.

I would give this a 7.5/10

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