Oakland Raiders: What can Oakland Raiders do with Antonio Brown?

After acquiring Antonio Brown in a trade with the Pittsburgh Steelers back in March, it might be time for the Oakland Raiders to consider getting rid of the diva wide receiver.

After missing practices for various reasons, whether it’s the frostbite on his feet to his multiple grievances with the NFL over his helmet, the man known as Mr. Big Chest is not off on the right foot with the silver and black.

Would it be acceptable for the Raiders to end the AB experiment after having so much hope for the future after pulling off the trade to bring in one of the best receivers in the NFL?

I would think so.


Oakland doesn’t need any more distractions and every NFL team would agree with that statement, however, I think the Raiders should keep AB and do something better.

The silver and black should keep #84, put him in line, and make him understand how he can stay on the team. It’s not ideal to release Brown. Although he has to understand that even great players can be moved. In fact, a move would hurt his legacy and fewer opportunities will be given to him. Especially due to his antics in Pittsburgh and Oakland.

Not only should the Raiders keep AB, but they should give the ball to other receivers. Whether they are rookies or eight-year vets. Tyrell Williams should get most of the targets and hopefully, AB will get the message quickly.

Oakland has options when dealing with Brown. If they try to trade Brown they could throw in a draft pick to sweeten the pot in order to get another. This would alleviate the pain in the neck that is AB.

No one would blame the Raiders for ending the nonsense and changing course from Brown. It makes sense and everyone knows it.

Oakland is not expected to compete during the 2019-20 season. Head coach Jon Gruden trying to prove to folks why he has earned his $100 million deal. Therefore, Gruden should want the entire team to sway in his favor and not get distracted by the Brown travesty.

The Raiders — if they choose to release AB — can dig through the free agent pool and discover new wideouts that or they can get a new target for Derek Carr in a trade or through the draft.

If AB becomes too much of a distraction and divides the locker room then the silver and black will have to cut Antonio Brown.

I don’t believe the rebuild in Oakland is going to fail if the Raiders trade or release Brown. Honestly, it could help make folks associated with the NFL take the Raiders more seriously.

The future of the Raiders is still somewhat bright. However, Carr is not the answer at quarterback. Also, offensive linemen need to develop and there have to be playmakers on the defensive side of the ball. Clearly, with or without Brown Oakland has a long way to go in making a title contender.

What should the Raiders do with Antonio Brown? Leave a comment below.

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