From The Streets To A Chance: An Interview With Jerimiah Spicer

As a sportswriter sometimes you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to speak with athletes at all levels in all sports. Most recently I had the opportunity and pleasure to speak with an athlete from Los Angeles California just looking for a chance. His name is Jerimiah Spicer and his story is movie worthy. He is a Linebacker at 6’1″ 240 pounds and was born in Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles. Jerimiah Spicer was abandoned by his parents as a child and was eventually rescued to be sent to live in an orphanage. After some time he found himself living with his grandmother after Child Protection Services sent him there. Quickly however he was back on the streets due to her passing away.

Over the years Jerimiah Spicer would bounce around between several orphanages, homeless camps, five different group homes, and two different foster homes. As a teenager, Jerimiah Spicer attended eight different high schools, but despite the lack of stability, earned a chance to play in college. He had the opportunity to play at Riverside Community College. Spicer showed enough for Major League Football, a professional league that collapsed to draft him. Thus, he didn’t even get to play. In 2018, Jerimiah signed with the Cape Fear Heroes of the American Arena League. He played Linebacker for Cape Fear and made 147 tackles as a rookie, leading the league in tackles. After that impressive season, he’s received tryouts with NFL teams, but Spicer is looking for the next chance in his journey.

This is the interview I had the opportunity to do and honor to do with Jerimiah Spicer as he was generous enough to answer a couple of questions.

Jeremy Grace (JG)

What do you think are your next steps in your journey?

Jerimiah Spicer (JS)

I’m not stressing, I’m just training, and taking it one day at a time.


With everything you have been through, your an inspiration to people, what keeps motivating and inspiring you?


What keeps me motivated is the struggle I went through, it gives me power, how I channel it. Helping people is what makes me feel good, I like to do things great to cope with my pain.


What are your goals on and off the field?


Be the best in the league, help the organization win games, and expanding in the community.


What do you want people to take away from your story and from this interview?


I want people to take away from this to never give up in life no matter how hard it gets. Keep pushing like Nipsey Hussle the Great said: “It’s a marathon you gotta run at yo own pace, forget the time it takes just to make sure you finish through the line.”


What are your words of wisdom or words to live by to readers and fans that you want to give?


Be Great mannnnn, be Great Separate yourselves find out what makes you different that’s what makes you special.

First, I would like to thank Jerimiah Spicer for the opportunity to do this interview. It was a great honor and pleasure to do this. IroniqMedia would like to thank Jerimiah Spicer for the opportunity and pleasure to do this. Jerimiah’s story is an amazing one and should be shared by all. His hardships are rough, to say the least, and his fight through it all is outstanding. The next step for Mr. Spicer’s career is hopefully to be signing a professional football contract and for someone to give him a chance.

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