Michigan Wolverines: Jim Harbaugh’s Seat is Hot

As we get closer and closer to the start of the college football season. Certain questions come up. At the University of Michigan, one of those questions is head coach Jim Harbaugh on the hot seat? He has been with the Michigan Wolverines for 4 years. The one issue that he has on his resume is that he has not to beat the Ohio State Buckeyes. That, of course, does not sit well with alumni and fans. Many fans will tell you that they can lose every game. But if they beat the Buckeyes it is a winning season. In my opinion, if he doesn’t beat the rival teams in the Big 10, he could be let go.


In the games against Ohio State, the closest he and the Wolverines have come to a victory was in 2016. They lost in overtime by a field goal. Last year they got throttled 62-39. Now Michigan still leads the overall series. This could be the year for the Wolverines to finally beat the Buckeyes. The Buckeyes have made a head coaching change now that former head coach Urban Meyer has now become the assistant athletic director. Ryan Day is now at the helm. The Wolverines had the same but also return some key members including quarterback Shea Patterson.

The other team that Harbaugh has struggled against is in-state rival the Michigan State Spartans. The Wolverines under him are 2-2. The good news is they beat the Spartans last year on the road. The Spartans have had some tough years and somehow have been able to defeat the Michigan Wolverines. In 2017 the Wolverines lead 10-7 late in the game and all they need to do is punt the ball away. As they set up the snap came back the punter fumbled it and it led to the Spartans picking up the fumble and they would win the game 14-10. These are the teams that the fans expect them to win. These game are very vital to them winning a Big 10 championship.

This year’s schedule in 2019 has some games that should be won and others that will be close. The first of those games comes on October 19th on the road against the Penn State Nittany Lions. The following week at home they get the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. Notre Dame was a playoff team last year. The other 2 big games come in the last three both at home against the Spartans and Buckeyes. If they can win all four of these games, it would huge. The Wolverines would be in line to win the conference and get into the college football playoff. I can see two trap games one in week 2 against Army and the other on November 2nd on the road against the Maryland Terrapins.

If the Michigan Wolverines fail to win at least three of the important games than Harbaugh will be fired. The seat will be hot and of course, they must find a way to overcome their loss to the Florida Gators in Peach Bowl. Jim Harbaugh’s seat is hot, and it will be hotter if he can’t win against the big team in the Big 10.

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