Fall Movies: Be on the Look Out For 6 Incredible Films

Summer isn’t officially over but the summer blockbusters have all been released. The action, billion-dollar making, highly marketed movies are what comes out in the summer. This doesn’t mean those good movies don’t come out in the fall and the winter.


The winter and fall is the time for the Oscar baited movies as well as some horror movies if you’re into that thing, Of course, the occasional Christmas movie. 

Joker (October 2nd)

In the same vein as Christopher Nolan’s Batman, this Joker movie seems to take a serious tone on the comic book character. I am really interested to see what they reveal about this movie because the Joker doesn’t really have a backstory. If you remember in The Dark Knight, Heath Ledger’s Joker tells different stories on “how he got these scars”. Joaquin Phoenix has never phoned it in so expect this to be good from an acting standpoint. Heath Ledgers Joker was nominated for golden globes and BAFTAs, so I would expect the same case from Joaquin as well. 

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (October 18)

The documentary, Won’t You Be My Neighbor was my favorite documentary last year. This feature film version of Mr. Rogers looks just as promising. The problem I have with it is that Tom Hanks has too strong of an onscreen presence that he’s not who he is supposed to be, (which in this case is Fred Rogers) but he’s Tom Hanks. In Toy Story, you can tell it is his voice as sheriff woody. So he doesn’t feel like someone who is portraying Fred Rogers but Tom Hanks is Tom Hanks. Other than that, I’ll definitely watch it. 

IT Chapter II (September 4th)

The follow-up to the 2017 film, IT chapter one was a box office success. Chapter II follows the kids 27 years later. With Pennywise haunting them at their middle ages. What I like most about the movie is how they nailed the casting. Each adult actor looks like their young counterparts. Pennywise does have quite the haunting presence. Horror is my least favorite genre but this will be one I tune into for sure. 

The Report (November 15th)

Adam Driver is slowly becoming an acting heavyweight. Which is kind of ironic because I think he was miscast as Kylo Ren in the Star Wars movies. However, had he not been cast in Star Wars, he would put out good performances in Logan Lucky, The Dead Don’t Die and Blackkklansman. This movie already received rave reviews after being seen at Sundance in January. Driver plays a Senate Staffer investigating into the CIA’s use of torture. It will be on Amazon Prime Nov. 29th shortly after. 


Ford Vs. Ferarri (November 15th)

Another Oscar-contending movie, Christian bale and Matt Damon will be sure to deliver quite the performance. Based on the true story, tells the war between Ford and Ferrari as they race to build the perfect car of the 60s’. Damon plays the engineer overpromising a car that can beat Ferrari in a short amount of time. Bale being the hot-headed driver who doesn’t think it can be done. 

Ad Astra (September 20th) 

After starring in the successful Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Brad Pitt looks promising in this space thriller. It gives Interstellar vibes because it has the same cinematographer. It does have a more realistic spin to it rather than interstellar and more believable. What concerns me about this movie is that I’ve never been a fan of Brad Pitt in a leading role. We worked well in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood because he was more of a side character than leading role. 

Honorable Mentions: Knives Out,

What movies are you looking forward to? Leave a comment.

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