Shows to Catch up on While You Were on Summer Vacation

While most people were on vacation or summer break, there is time to catch up on some top shows that came out this summer. People don’t typically watch TV in the summer nor do networks and companies make it a strong point to premiere shows in the summer. That’s not to say good shows didn’t come out. Netflix, Amazon, and HBO are primarily the ones that push out shows in the summer. Because people typically don’t watch TV during the summer, the basic network and cable networks won’t release shows and it will be reality shows if they do. Since they’re ad-based, people won’t see the ads. 


Four Weddings and a Funeral (Hulu)

Based on the 1994 rom-com, this reboot isn’t particularly good but it’s more of a guilty pleasure to watch. It’s not a character for character a reboot. The original follows two characters, the reboot follows a group of friends. Both being about how the characters find themselves unlucky in love and they find themselves crossing paths with other people or each other and think it is just not the right time to be together. 

This piece by Slate raises a good point not only about this show but rom-coms in general. There’s only so much you can do in this genre that it is best to try to do these types of shows and movies on streaming. 7/10

The Boys (Amazon Prime)

This isn’t a normal take on superhero shows. The hero’s themselves are of typical hero archetypes like a Superman, Wonderwoman, and The Flash-type characters. Where it differs is the “what do people do when the superheroes aren’t kept in check and essentially have too much of a god complex” behind the scenes and care too much about their public image to the public. So essentially, the superheroes are the bad guys in the show. The title comes from a group of “boys” who want to keep the superheroes in check. It is already one of Amazons watched shows after only being out for a short time. 10/10

Los Espookys (HBO)

If you are familiar with SNL’s Fred Armisen and his type of humor on Portlandia and Forever, you will like this show. It’s written by Julio Torres who is an upcoming comedian also had an HBO special premier recently. It about a group of friends who are really into horror and have “horror services” for people who need. They make a fake sea monster for tourist attraction so more people will go to a city. It may seem like a Spanish show, but it is both a Spanish and an English show. The languages are spoken equally. 8.5/10


Veronica Mars (Season 4 Hulu)

I wanted to put new shows on this list but I didn’t get around to seeing The Rook or other show premiers. When I heard this show was coming back (again) I started from the beginning when the show came out a little over ten years ago. The first three seasons hold up. After it got canceled, they did a kickstarter for a movie in 2014. They brought the show back this time around in a miniseries. The characters are still great, but as the season ends, there are some events that left me underwhelmed. Overall I would still recommend it. 7/10

Euphoria (HBO)

The season is over, but I am about a third into catching up on it. You can read a full review from my colleague Justin Thomas. What I’ve seen so far I can agree with him. This isn’t an original show, its an adaption from Israel that they seem to have nailed so far. 

What show will you watch first? Leave a comment.

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