SEC Football: Looking At The West Division And 2019 Predictions

In my last article, I analyzed the SEC East Division and each team in the SEC East. Next, we take a look out west in the SEC. In the SEC West Division, the Alabama Crimson Tide controls the division and all other teams are fighting for second. Alabama looks to reign again over the SEC conference as a whole in 2019. Alabama shouldn’t have a problem in the West Division either. Teams like the LSU Tigers, Texas A&M Aggies, and Auburn Tigers will be fighting for second in the SEC West Division plus trying to get an upset win over the Crimson Tide. Let’s take a look at each team in the SEC West Division and predictions for 2019.


Arkansas Razorbacks (4-8)

Going into 2019, the Arkansas Razorbacks don’t have much potential to win many games. The only games the Razorbacks could most likely win is the four out of conference games. Arkansas’s SEC West Division games look to be too tough this season. Head coach Chad Morris in a few years may have the Arkansas Razorbacks competing in some conference games, but not in 2019. Arkansas will have to beat up on lesser talented teams to get a few wins this year.
Potential Wins: Portland State, Colorado State, San Jose State, and Western Kentucky

Ole Miss Rebels (4-8)

The SEC West Division is owned by Alabama and the rest of the teams are fighting each other. Ole Miss, in my opinion, won’t be competing much, but I believe they get an SEC win. I also think the Ole Miss Rebels lose an out of conference game this year. In a few years, Ole Miss may be better, but 2019 just isn’t the year for this SEC West Division member.
Potential Wins: Memphis, Southeastern Louisiana, Arkansas, and New Mexico State

Mississippi State Bulldogs (7-5)

In 2019, Mississippi State should be a middle of the pack team in the SEC West Division. The Bulldogs should win a few and lose a few this season. Mississippi State can win about three games in conference and compete or win all four of their out of conference games. The Mississippi State Bulldogs should do better in coming seasons, but this year will be bowl eligible.
Potential Wins: Louisiana Lafayette, Southern Mississippi, Kansas State, Tennessee, Arkansas, Abilene Christian, and Ole Miss


Auburn Tigers (8-4)

The Auburn Tigers are hard to predict every year and should be tough this season too. I think they win some games in the conference and some out of conference that they won’t be favored in. The Tigers still need a year or two to compete for the SEC West Division. Auburn should really play the underdog role this year and upset some playoff favorites. Big games the Auburn Tigers could win are against the Oregon Ducks and the Iron Bowl versus Alabama.
Potential Wins: Oregon, Tulane, Kent State, Mississippi State, Arkansas, Ole Miss, Samford, and Alabama

Texas A&M Aggies (9-3)

In head coach Jimbo Fisher’s second year, the Texas A&M Aggies should be competitive. In the SEC West Division, the Aggies are a step behind the division leaders Alabama and LSU. Out of conference, Texas A&M has a tough test on the schedule in defending National champion the Clemson Tigers. These are games that Texas A&M may play close, but most likely will lose. The Texas A&M Aggies may even get an upset against an SEC division leader in 2019.
Potential Wins: Texas State, Lamar, Auburn, Arkansas, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, UTSA, South Carolina, and Georgia

LSU Tigers (10-2)

In the SEC West Division, the LSU Tigers are trying to figure out how to beat Alabama more than once in a while. The Tigers want to be able to consistently beat the Crimson Tide, but haven’t found a way. Recently LSU can’t beat Alabama at all losing to the Tide every time since the 2011 National title where the Tigers got shut out 21-0. In 2019, the LSU Tigers will be tough to beat except for Alabama. Along with the Crimson Tide, I have one team beating the LSU Tigers in an upset win. A bold prediction of mine for the 2019 college football season I have Utah State led by outstanding quarterback Jordan Love beating LSU in Baton Rouge.
Potential Wins: Georgia Southern, Texas, Northwestern State, Vanderbilt, Florida, Mississippi State, Auburn, Ole Miss, Arkansas, and Texas A&M


Alabama Crimson Tide (11-1)

Some games should be competitive in 2019 and give Alabama a fight. The SEC West Division will have LSU, Texas A&M, Auburn, and Mississippi State trying to take the Crimson Tide down. There should be some tough games, but Alabama should win almost all of them. Alabama plays a cupcake out of conference schedule to add to those wins. I do have the Alabama Crimson Tide losing one regular-season game due to rivalry. A bold prediction for 2019 I have Auburn winning the Iron Bowl against Alabama. An upset loss for the Crimson Tide, but in the grand scheme of things, it won’t matter as Alabama wins the SEC West Division. Afterward most likely winning the SEC conference and making another College Football Playoff appearance.
Potential Wins: Duke, New Mexico State, South Carolina, Southern Mississippi, Ole Miss, Texas A&M, Tennessee, Arkansas, LSU, Mississippi State, and Western Carolina

In the wild SEC West Division, teams are rising up but the Alabama Crimson Tide still rules. One loss won’t derail the most likely SEC champion. Games will be competitive and tough this college football season, but you can bet your money Alabama will be in the hunt. The Crimson Tide won’t just be in the hunt, but the favorite to win the SEC West and the whole SEC conference. In 2019 the Tide will keep on rolling at least in the SEC.

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