Los Angeles Lakers: Kyle Kuzma can be Lakers’ Third Star

The Los Angeles Lakers have two stars in Anthony Davis and LeBron James, but Kyle Kuzma can become the Lake Show’s third star in 2019.

The athleticism of Kuzma makes him a viable candidate to form a fierce trio with LBJ and AD. He clearly isn’t afraid of the moment.

Kyle Kuzma is 6′ 9″ and has plenty of length to challenge other players with his defense. The potential this kid has is one you can’t miss.


The 24-year-old averaged nearly 19 points last season and will need to step up. You can’t expect the Lakers to rely on the AD-DeMarcus Cousins combo when LBJ is on the pine. The vets the Lakers acquired are nice. Although they can’t be the focal point of the LAL offense all the time either.

Frank Vogel needs to spend a lot of time trying to get Kuzma the basketball over the next three years. Not only could he get credit for the potential star development of Kyle Kuzma, but he can help a young talent take over the Lakers with AD when James retires.

Kuzma brings the ability to shoot beyond the arc. He also has the rebound capability as well. Which can be daunting for the opposition.

Los Angeles has the luxury of being entertained by Kuzma and that alone can help sell tickets at Staples Center.

Kuzma has also stayed healthy during his first two years in the league. The University of Utah product has played in 147 games out of a possible 164.

It’s clear if you’re going to create a third star out of anyone on the Lakers roster, it should be Kyle Kuzma.

The opportunities are there for the taking for Kuzma.

With James needing to rest multiple times and the AD-Cousins combo drawing a lot of attention, one would have to imagine Kuzma scoring at a consistent rate.

Let’s not forget the fact every good player gets paid really well in the NBA. Even if it is at an alarming rate. Kuzma could feel like he is one of the better players in the NBA and long for that big payday. Which means there’s a sense of urgency for him to take a big leap in the ’19-’20 campaign.

Kuzma is earning about $1.7 million this upcoming season, about $2 million the following season and about $3.6 million in the ’20-’21 season.

It’s clear there will come a time where the Lakers have to pay Kuzma and make sure they can keep him well into the future. Which means now is the time to leave a lasting impression.

Kuzma can be a great teammate and impress James and Davis all he wants. However, if he can force the Lakers front office and coaches to view him as a keeper, then that will leave the greatest impact on his career. Especially from a money standpoint.

No matter how you slice it the Lakers have two stars right now, but let’s continue to embrace the player that is Kyle Kuzma because unlike D’Angelo Russell, Jordan Clarkson, Lonzo Ball, and Brandon Ingram, this kid isn’t going anywhere.

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