New England Patriots: Parity or No After Tom Brady Contract Extension?

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was set to be a free agent at the end of the season. He is 42 years old and Brady is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. Some people think he is even the greatest football player of all time.

Tom Brady technically signed a two-year contract extension worth $70 million on Sunday, but 2020 and 2021 are void years, a source told ESPN’s, Field Yates.


NFL teams use voids for salary cap purposes and this is the first time that New England has done this. Both sides will have to revisit negotiations before the end of the league year to attempt to extend the long-time quarterback past 2019.

He was expected to only get $15 million this season. However, Brady is now going to get $23 million this season. The Patriots also somehow created $5.5 million cap space with this move.

With this move, will the New England Patriots continue to create no parity in the AFC? The answer is an unequivocal yes. New England makes everyone look small. Teams love to shrink mentally anytime they have to play against a Tom Brady and Bill Belichick team.

Teams like the Kansas City Chiefs, the Los Angeles Chargers, the Indianapolis Colts, the Cleveland Browns, and the Pittsburgh Steelers have much more talent than the New England Patriots. In saying that, it helps that New England play in the weakest division in the NFL. For years their battles have been the New York Jets, the Buffalo Bills, and the Miami Dolphins.

A lot of people are sick and tired of seeing New England in the Super Bowl. NFL fans are sick and tired of the same show over and over again and they know what to expect. This could be one of the reasons why Super Bowl ratings dropped big time this past season.

Had the Kansas City Chiefs made it to the Super Bowl last season instead against the Los Angeles Rams, the ratings probably would not have been an issue. A lot of people can’t wait for the day the AFC has parity again and they sadly might have to wait until 2022.

The NFC has had a lot of different teams in the Super Bowl. The Seattle Seahawks were the only team in the NFC to reach the Super Bowl in back-to-back appearances and they should have won back-to-back Super Bowl Titles as well.

Also, there has been no quarterback that has started in all 16 games at the age of 42. The other quarterbacks on the roster are Brian Hoyer and rookie Jarrett Stidham. Danny Etling used to be a quarterback on the roster, but he is most likely moving to wide receiver.


Tom Brady has won three MVPs and four Super Bowl MVP’s in his career. Last season, he has completed 65.8 percent of his passes for 4,355 passing yards 29 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. Brady also rushed for 125 yards on 85 carries and two touchdowns.

He is also a six-time Super Bowl. Tom Brady has won as many Super Bowl Titles as the Pittsburgh Steelers franchise. Pittsburgh fans hope he doesn’t win a seventh Super Bowl.

It would not be surprising to see New England win another Super Bowl or two. In fact, that is the way things have been operating in the NFL right now. It seems like it is the Patriots against the world. It will be interesting to see if things change or not for New England heading into this season and in the near future.

Do you see Tom Brady ever playing for another team outside the New England Patriots? Leave a comment below.

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