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The HBO original show Euphoria has become one of the more popular shows of the summer. It centers around a Rue, a teenager struggling with drug addiction and recovery as well as juggling high school and relationships. Throughout season 1 we’ve been introduced to a supporting cast of characters each with their unique storylines and backstories. This article will give a recap of the final episode separated by characters as well as pose some questions as to what will happen to each in season 2.



Since both Rue and Jules are together essentially the whole episode it only makes sense to combine their recaps. At the start of this episode Rue is in the hospital due to kidney problems. In the previous episode, you see Rue hold her bladder for an exorbitant amount of hours due to her depression. Jules also visits Rue in the hospital and asks Rue if she was the reason for Rue’s hospitalization. Although it’s the case, Rue comforts Jules by telling her no.

While Jules is telling her about her weekend and the girl she hooked up with, Ana, you can see Rue start to feel some type of way. You even see her loosen her grip on Jules’ hip while she’s doing her makeup. Jules keeps saying how much Rue would love Ana and how their energies would match. While at the school dance Rue’s, let’s say jealousy, prompts her to go look for Jules after Jules dips off to the bathroom to text Ana and send her selfies. While in the stall Jules asks her why she hasn’t kissed her which takes Rue aback. Also at the dance Rue confronts Nate Jacobs outside. She tells her to leave Jules alone or else she’ll reveal information that will destroy his family.

Later on, in the evening Jules and Rue are having a heart to heart that turns into Rue kissing Jules and talking about running away together. They then leave the school and race to Jules house. As Jules starts packing Rue starts second-guessing and those reservations keep growing as they walk through the train station. Rue keeps coming up with excuses as to why they shouldn’t go. Jules tries to convince her to come, even telling her that she loves her. However, Rue is left standing on the platform as the train pulls away.

The episode ends with Rue relapsing by snorting drugs which leads into a montage of flashbacks from her past. Earlier in the episode, Jules clowns Rue for the way she dresses. Commenting on all the hoodies and sweats she wears. But you soon realize at the end that many of those clothes were her dad’s. A way for Rue to keep the memory of him alive.

Now that Jules is gone, for who knows how long, it’s worth looking back at the relationship between her and Rue. It seemed as the season went on, Rue seemed to be getting better and handling her sobriety more so because she had Jules and didn’t want to lose her. Once Jules realized that she was a big reason why Rue was staying sober her demeanor seemed to change. Almost as if she didn’t want that type of burden. Her use of alcohol in the last few episodes made Rue see what she puts people through with her drug use. It’s almost as if Jules, knowing how Rue feels about her, kind of tries to take advantage of that.


One specific example is when she’s trying to convince Rue to get on the train and even tells her “I love you” as a last-ditch effort. Another big thing to think about is the fact that Nate might’ve been right. If you recall during his and Rue’s conversation at the dance he tells her Jules would leave her and not remember her in 10 years. With Rue not going with Jules could this be the beginning of the end for their friendship/relationship?

Nate Jacobs

Throughout Season 1 of Euphoria, Nate has been one of the more polarizing characters in the show. His temper and ability to think two steps ahead is what makes his character truly frightening. In this episode you see many of the characters getting ready for the school dance. This includes Nate who, dressed in a tux walks downstairs to meet his date who is not Maddy. His mom even pulls him aside and whispers “I like her”. However, you can tell as they drove to the dance and as they walked in that he intended to use her to make Maddy jealous.

Throughout Euphoria’s final episode, there are flashbacks of Nate from days leading up to the dance. One of them is him attempting to have sex with Maddy. However, he can’t stay erect which causes him to lose his temper at Maddy after she starts asking him questions. There was another flashback of Nate on the football field. As the commentators could be heard saying it was potentially the last game of his career. Throughout the game, there were cutaways to Maddy on the sidelines and his father Cal in the stands. Nate went on to score the game-winning touchdown. After the game, however, his father said to him that even though he won the game he had lost the team.


This prompted Nate to step up to his father and the two eventually fought with Cal Jacobs pinning Nate down. Nate even called his dad a homophobic slur during the altercation. It ended with Nate screaming almost possessed and banging his head against the floor. Nate’s last scene in the episode is back at the dance slow dancing with Maddy.

The amount of baggage Nate’s character has almost rivals an airport. There’s so much going on around his character and his presence alone affects almost every person in the show.


This episode was interesting on many levels for the friend group. The beginning of the episode shows all three getting ready for the dance. Kat appears to have lost some of her confidence and even has to ask her mom for a 2nd opinion on her outfit. Cass is seen looking at herself in the mirror, her mom telling her to keep her head held up high. It’s also worth noting McKay wasn’t there at the clinic with Cass when she went to have the abortion done. This could be why Cass says this was the first time in a while that she wasn’t in love as the group walked into the dance.

While at the dance Kat sees Ethan standing by a wall looking sad. Kat eventually goes over and they wind up having a conversation in which Kat apologizes to Ethan for trying to hurt him. The two would then leave the dance. Maddy, on the other hand, seemed to keep up the toxic behavior between her and Nate. After seeing Nate with his date Maddy promptly went and sought out a guy to dance with. Earlier in the episode, after she and Nate failed to have sex, she found the CD in Nate’s book and took it. She would go on to look at the CD at her house. On her way out of Nate’s house, she’s stopped by Cal Jacobs who tells her that she and Nate are not good for each other.


Season 2 Questions

The Euphoria season finale revealed more about certain characters while also putting others at crucial life crossroads:

  1. Will Rue and Jules relationship, romantic or otherwise be affected by Rue’s decision to not get on the train?
  2. How will Rue’s apparent relapse affect her family especially with all the progress she seemed to have made?
  3. What will be the fate of Fezco who has also sworn to protect Rue?
  4. What’s in store for Kat and what appears to be a potential relationship with Ethan?
  5. Is Cass fully over McKay and will we see him in the show again?
  6. For Maddy and Nate what will become of their toxic relationship?
  7. How much longer will Nate struggle with his sexual identity as well as an almost growing hatred toward his father?
  8. And what will Maddy do with the information and content on the CD she took?

There are still so many more questions about other characters in the show but one thing is for certain and that’s season 2 should be an even wilder ride than season 1.

What did you like or dislike about season 1 of Euphoria? Leave a comment below.

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