Overwatch: That’s Not How You Play Them, D.Va

Oh, boy. It’s time to talk about one of the most versatile tanks in the game. The hero who’s meta in more ways than one: D.Va.


D.Va is a popular and very viable tank pick in Overwatch. It’s easy to understand why when you look at her toolset. She’s got a movement ability in her boosters, average close-range pressure weapons in the fusion cannons, the micro missiles to pepper in some extra harassment damage and a great zoning ultimate with the potential to make big plays in the self-destruct. Also, let’s not forget that she has one of the best abilities in the entire game with the defense matrix.

D.Va is an excellent off-tank, especially when you run her with Winston. That’s what makes this play especially hard to watch.

If you know anything about compositions in Overwatch, then you’d know that D.Va is one half of the tank line in dive. Dive is a composition geared toward taking advantage of your movement tools to quickly take out an enemy player or create a lot of chaos. The problem with what’s going on here though is that it’s just the D.Va and the Winston ready to dive without the rest of their team.

I respect these two players for trying to run dive tanks together in a crack game. It was honestly pretty nice to watch when it was working for the first half of the map. But not playing with the rest of your team has its repercussions.

Sombra’s a dangerous character to run dive into. The D.Va and Winston wait too long to make their move and the Sombra finds them. Sombra may be a soft target but neither D.Va nor Winston can really put enough damage down on her to kill her before she takes out the Winston. The Sombra can’t stick around though since she’s also low health. She got the pick on the Winston. She’s officially broken the dive. Her job is finished.

At this point, the D.Va has to make a decision. Neither of which she makes in this clip. She can either back off. Or she can choose to stay in the room to hold onto her forward position and just hope no one comes to move her. She can always use her boosters to escape if someone does. With either decision, she has to wait for her Winston to return.

Instead, the D.Va attempts a solo dive against four players on the other team. It’s by far the worst decision the D.Va could’ve made. I think people tend to overestimate D.Va’s abilities because she’s such a good off-tank. She’s certainly a tank that can give most characters on the Overwatch roster some trouble. But she can’t take on the entire enemy team by herself. She just lost her dive partner. She had plenty of time to escape but instead took a very late reset in an attempt to get a solo pick.

The hack from the Sombra was pretty overkill when you see it happen. The D.Va just used all of her most important engagement tools. Hacking her was just to ensure that she had zero chance of making it out of there. I suppose it may have stopped her from popping self-destruct if she had it. It was such a horrible time to engage though, and you don’t get much value out of the self-destruct in that situation even if you manage to bop someone with it. I mean, the Tracer managed to get the Ashe after that little 5 v. 1, but that payload ain’t moving anytime soon.

So, D.Va player, if you’re still out there executing solo dives, I hope this post gets to you. And please, believe me when I say that’s not how you play her!

What’s the worst D.Va dive you’ve seen? Leave your comments below!

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