Overwatch: That’s Not How You Play Them, Mercy

Last time on “That’s Not How You Play Them”, we went over one bold McCree play. Today’s clip is courtesy of a pretty bold Mercy.

I feel like Mercy mains get a pretty bad rap in Overwatch. There’s a prejudice towards them. Mercy mains are often accused of just playing Mercy to be carried by the rest of the team. While it’s true that it may seem like Mercy’s just get carried to the win, I’m sure there are a lot more who understand how rough the Mercy main life can be.

I don’t play Mercy but I do play a lot of support, usually because no one else wants to. With that said, I feel incredibly uncomfortable when playing Mercy. She may be labeled as a one-star difficulty hero, but she’s just as mechanically intensive as any other hero in Overwatch. On top of that, she probably has to make more decisions in one game than anyone else would in ten. Controlling valkyrie, executing smart guardian angels, knowing when and where to resurrect, these are all options a Mercy has to consider.


Perhaps the most aggravating play a Mercy could make is a bad resurrect. Resurrect is one of the best abilities in Overwatch. It’s also easily punishable as a result. Pulling off a good res. takes a lot of good game sense from the Mercy player. It also doesn’t hurt if your teammates step in to make the res. safe as well.

That… almost happens in this clip. Most Mercy’s go for the first resurrect they see. This is a bad habit that a lot of Mercy’s need to break. Even if you manage to pick your dead teammate up, there’s a good chance you will die right after. That doesn’t help your team. The Mercy in this clip doesn’t even manage to do that before dropping.

I will say it isn’t totally the Mercy’s fault though. The Bastion that she was pocketing at the time has to realize that he’s basically walking into the fight by himself. It’s unfair to your Mercy and the rest of your team to make a move like that. He basically gets himself and the Mercy killed because he doesn’t realize he’s walking into focus fire.

Even so, the Mercy also has to recognize what the Bastion is doing and back off since no amount of pocketing will save him from that onslaught. You can even see with how long the healing beam gets that the Mercy doesn’t want to step out into all that cross-fire. It’s very reasonable for the Mercy to feel that way especially when the main tank isn’t back yet. The safer option for the Mercy and for the Bastion would’ve been to just stay behind cover. Since the Bastion decides to walk out and die, I’m sure this makes the Mercy feel obligated to try and resurrect him.

This miscommunication leads to a very late guardian angel from the Mercy that leaves her out on an island. She gets hit with a whole lot of spam fire on her way in before the enemy D.Va and Moira finish her off. The late transcendence from the Zen is just icing on the cake. If perhaps the Mercy had waited just a little longer, the transcendence may have helped to cover the resurrect.


In a crack game, you can’t control what your teammates do, so a Mercy player has to be extra vigilant about her safety in Overwatch. They have to recognize when a teammate is un-savable and quickly readjust. I find it hard to totally blame plays like this on the Mercy but I hope that this will help Mercy players better recognize when a res. is good and when it isn’t.

So, Mercy player, if you’re still out there going for bad resurrects, I hope this post gets to you. And please, believe me when I say that’s not how you play her!

What’s the worst Mercy resurrection you’ve seen? Leave your comments below!

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