Team USA Basketball: Has the Luster Worn Off?

A lot of players are dropping their names from the Team USA roster for the FIBA world cup. There are individual reasons for the drops. From Bradley Beal expecting a second child to Kyle Lowry having surgery on his thumb and wanting to make a full recovery for the NBA season. What happened to Team USA that the other players are dropping out?


However, this isn’t uncommon for NBA players to drop out. In the past, players have dropped out for the world cup because it doesn’t get as much exposure as the Olympics which players would rather play for. The 2020 Olympics being in Japan next year, it’ll be the most heavily marketed Olympics in recent memory. 

Also, this past NBA free agency period really changed the landscape of who is going to win the finals. Five players who made All-NBA teams this past year have changed teams, and 10 players who made all-NBA teams over the past two years have changed teams. As of right now, the Clippers are the favorite (at 300 odds) to win the finals. A team who hasn’t even had a training camp or practiced as a team. 

So that tells you the championship is open for the taking. Harden and Westbrook have dropped out for this reason; to work on the upcoming season. As a fan, you have to feel good about this, but as a basketball fan, it is a little disappointing.

It is peak basketball entertainment to see players like Westbrook play with other all-stars and represent Team USA. I wouldn’t worry that players are dropping now. Since Greg Popovich is coaching the USA team, they’ll be in good hands with whatever team gets put together now. 

Next summer you can rest assured that players will want to play for the Olympic team. Since the Olympics are in Japan next year, players will want to get their name brand in the Asian market as much as possible. Half a billion in China watched this past season. Japan puts players in these type of shows. So you can see why players wouldn’t skip out on next year. 

Are you disappointed by the Team USA dropouts? Leave a comment.

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