NBA: Top 50 Players Entering the 2019-2020 Season (20-11)

For the best NBA players that have not been announced yet on this Top 50 list, it means that they are elite. I have announced the 50th-21st best players so far heading into the 2019-2020 season. They are 50. Brook Lopez, C, Milwaukee Bucks, 49. Steven Adams, C, Oklahoma City Thunder, 48. Aaron Gordon PF, Orlando Magic, 47. Marvin Bagley III, PF/C, Sacramento Kings, 46. Marc Gasol, C, Toronto Raptors, 45. John Wall, PG, Washington Wizards, 44. De’Aaron Fox, PG, Sacramento Kings, 43. Danio Gallinari, SF, Oklahoma City Thunder 42. Nikola Vucevic, C, Orlando Magic, 41. Clint Capela, C, Houston Rockets, 40. Draymond Green, F, Golden State Warriors, 39. Malcolm Brogdon, PG/SG, Indiana Pacers, 38. DeMarcus Cousins, C, Los Angeles Lakers, 37. Trae Young, PG, Atlanta Hawks, 36. Kyle Lowry, PG, Toronto Raptors, 35. Lou Williams, SG, Los Angeles Clippers, 34. Tobias Harris, PF/SF, Philadelphia 76ers, 33. LaMarcus Aldridge, PF/C, San Antonio Spurs, 32. Jamal Murray, PG, Denver Nuggets, 31. Devin Booker, SG, Phoenix Suns, 30. Pascal Siakam, PF, Toronto Raptors, 29. Luka Doncic, SG, Dallas Mavericks, 28. Andre Drummond, C, Detroit Pistons, 27. Khris Middleton, SG, Milwaukee Bucks, 26. Victor Oladipo, SG/PG, Indiana Pacers, 25. Kyle Kuzma, C/PF, Los Angeles Lakers, 24. CJ McCollum, SG, Portland Trail Blazers, 23. Kevin Love, C/PF, Cleveland Cavaliers, 22. D’Angelo Russell, PG/SG, Golden State Warriors, and 21. Kemba Walker, PG/SG, Boston Celtics.


Which players sit in positions 20-11?

20. Chris Paul, PG, Oklahoma City Thunder

Paul was traded from the Houston Rockets to the Oklahoma City Thunder for Russell Westbrook. Houston decided to pull the plug on the Chris Paul and James Harden. Paul is still one of the best players in the league despite his attitude and injury status. He is 34 years old and I bet Oklahoma City will trade him to a perennial contender at some point. In 58 games played last season, Chris Paul averaged 15.6 PPG, 4.6 RPG, 8.2 APG, 0.3 BPG, and 2 SPG.

19. Jimmy Butler, SG, Miami Heat

Butler fits into the city of Philadelphia perfectly when he was traded from the Minnesota Timberwolves last season. Jimmy Butler was a rough rider and he fit that cities mentality. I was surprised he actually left the 76ers for the Miami Heat in the offseason in a sign-and-trade. Butler is a terrific two-way player and he wants the ball in his hands with the game on the line. In 65 games played last season, Jimmy Butler averaged 18.7 PPG, 5.3 RPG, 4 APG, 0.5 BPG, and 1.8 SPG.

18. Karl-Anthony Towns, C, Minnesota Timberwolves

Towns is a double-double machine and he is 23 years old. Karl-Anthony Towns is the face of this franchise. It is a shame that the Minnesota Timberwolves won’t be good for a very long time and it has nothing to do with his talent. Towns is also terrific with his back to the basket. He is also very good at the pick-and-roll and shooting 3’s. His defensive game is also very underrated. In 77 games played last season, Karl-Anthony Towns averaged 24.4 PPG, 12.2 RPG, 3.4 APG, 1.6 BPG, and 0.9 SPG.

17. Bradley Beal, SG, Washington Wizards

Beal is only 26 years old. He is one of the best shooting guards in the game and Bradley Beal doesn’t get enough recognition because of how bad the Washington Wizards have been. It is such a shame that Washington may have no choice but to trade their franchise player and start are all. There are teams in the NBA that could use Beal’s services. He is a tremendous scorer and Bradley Beal is also a very underrated defender. In 82 games played last season, he averaged 25.6 PPG, 5 RPG, 5.5 APG, 0.7 BPG, and 1.5 SPG.

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16. Klay Thompson, SG, Golden State Warriors

Thompson is an excellent two-way player and a three-time NBA Champion. If Klay Thompson did not get hurt in Game 6, the Golden State Warriors could have very well forced a Game 7 and maybe they could have won it. He will miss a big chunk of next season with a Torn ACL and the Golden State Warriors could very well feel his absence until Thompson returns. He is one of the best shooters in the NBA as well. Klay Thompson is 29 years old and he re-signed with Golden State on a five-year max deal worth $191 million. In 78 games played last season, Thompson averaged 21.5 PPG, 3.8 RPG, 2.4 APG, 0.6 BPG, and 1.1 SPG.

15. Ben Simmons, PG/SF, Philadelphia 76ers

A lot of people are critical about his jump shot. However, if Ben Simmons ever develops one, lookout. He is a tremendous facilitator, driver, on ball, and off-ball defender. Simmons signed a max contract extension during the offseason. He is only 23 years old. Ben Simmons is also a tremendous leader on this basketball team and Philadelphia will have expectations to reach the NBA Finals next season. They were potentially a bounce away from advancing in the 2019 playoffs. Simmons and Joel Embiid will continue to be a solid duo. In 79 games played last season, Ben Simmons averaged 16.9 PPG, 8.8 RPG, 7.7 APG, 0.8 BPG, and 1.4 SPG last season.

14. Blake Griffin, PF, Detroit Pistons

Griffin was an exciting player to watch last season. In fact, he was one of the reasons why Detroit was in the playoffs. Blake Griffin and Andre Drummond is a solid frontcourt. Griffin can score from anywhere on the floor. He has been an elite NBA player for several years now and is 30 years old. In 75 games played last season, Blake Griffin averaged 24.5 PPG, 7.5 RPG, 5.4 APG, 0.4 BPG, and 0.7 SPG.

13. Paul George, SG/SF, Los Angeles Clippers

It shocked the NBA world when Paul George was traded from the Oklahoma City Thunder to the Los Angeles Clippers. He will be paired up with Kawhi Leonard now instead of Russell Westbrook. George is from the Los Angeles area and he gets to go back home. Paul George is an elite wing defender and the Clippers defense will cause problems next season. Especially since Los Angeles will be one of the favorites to win the NBA Finals next season. George is also a solid scorer and is 29 years old. In 77 games played last season with the Oklahoma City Thunder, he averaged 28 PPG, 8.2 RPG, 4.1 APG, 0.4 BPG, and 2.2 SPG last season.

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12. Damian Lillard, PG, Portland Trail Blazers

Lillard’s leadership helped Portland reach the conference finals for the first time since 2001. He is only 29 years old. Damian Lillard hit some big shots in the playoffs including a buzzer-beater in Game 5 at home against the Oklahoma City Thunder that sent them home for the playoffs. Oklahoma City decided to tear it down after that. Lillard is also one of the most under-appreciated superstars in the NBA. In fact, the west is loaded with elite point guards. He and C.J. McCollum is one of the best backcourts in the NBA. In 80 games played last season, Damian Lillard averaged 25.8 PPG, 4.6 RPG, 6.9 APG, 0.4 BPG, and 1.1 SPG.

11. Nikola Jokic, C, Denver Nuggets

Jokic is one of the best big men in the NBA. He is also one of the most consistent players game in and game out. Anytime Nikola Jokic steps on the court, he is automatically going to score the basketball and grab rebounds. Jokic was one of the reasons why the Denver Nuggets were the number two seed in the west last season. He is 24 years old. They were also one win away from the Western Conference Finals and it would have been their first appearance in the Western Conference Finals for the first time since 2009.

Nikola Jokic could very well win the MVP Award one day because he means so much to this basketball team. Jokic is the nucleus and he also has a very good supporting cast around him. Nikola Jokic is also a tremendous passer for his size. He is 7’0″. Jokic also gets quite a bit of triple-doubles as well and no one talks about it that much because all of the triple-double flash either goes to Ben Simmons or Russell Westbrook. In 80 games played last season, Nikola Jokic averaged 20.1 PPG, 10.8 RPG, 7.3 APG, 0.7 BPG, and 1.4 SPG.

The Top 10 players on the Top 50 NBA Players List will be revealed next week.

How would you rank the Top 50 NBA players so far? Would you make any changes? Leave a comment below.

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