TV Shows: What are the Top 10 of All-Time?

It seems every era of Television is better than the previous. Back in the Seinfeld days, the finale brought in seventy-six million views. It’s hard to imagine a show getting that many recorded views because the internet has taken over. While a show may get 76 million views or more, we’ll never know because of on-demand and no proper tracking of views on the web. 


I haven’t seen every show ever made but I stay in the know about what shows are popular, what is tracking well on rotten tomatoes, and what is talked about via Twitter and the Emmy winner. So I like to think I have a good grasp of the “best shows”.  With that said, the following are what I consider to be the top 10 TV shows of all-time

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

You could probably put any of Michael Shur’s (creator of the Good Place and Parks and Rec, also did work on The Office) shows in the top ten but I’ll settle on this one here. Ths show lies on Jake Peralta but my favorite part of the show is how different each character is, yet it brings them all together in a wholesome way.

Curb Your Enthusiasm

I never full watched Seinfeld but the creator went on and made this masterpiece. It’s “unfortunate situational” humor is great. Along with the A+ actors that play themselves in the shows. The ten gap between the cancellation and its return, it’s impressive that it didn’t miss a beat coming back.


This show has the best friendship on television between JD and Turk. The show is able to make you laugh just as hard as it would make you cry.

Mr. Robot

Watch the first five minutes of the first episode to know if it’s for you. This show is good for its technical and hacker accuracy. Also, it uses mental health to trick the viewer in what is real and not real about the show. 

Mad Men

The role that gave John Hamm his big break. Depending on how much you appreciate dramas and period pieces is what will determine if you like this show. From John Hamm to the children on the show, everyone’s acting is top-notch. 

Breaking Bad

You could put this show or The Sopranos on the list. Both are great and similar in ways that you hate the main character but love the side characters and what they bring to the story. Breaking Bad does start out slow but it finds it footing midway to the second season. 


I have referred to this as a political version of the office but it has very peculiar insult humor. It lesser known than the Office because it’s on HBO and they never marketed well in its run. It has surprisingly won fifteen Emmys.


The Wire

I do a yearly re-watch of this show. The social commentary is superb and comes from the creator (David Simon) being a former Baltimore Sun reporter. You learn in the show that it is not the drug dealers, the politicians or the police that are the bad guys, but the city itself. 

Game Of Thrones

We’ll see if this show ages well. Mostly because the last few seasons were very controversial and the last season being rushed and essentially having three seasons worth of content in six episodes. Still, at its peak, the show had good world-building along with good character development. 

Always Sunny In Philadelphia

This show is both underappreciated and well-loved at the same time. After every season concludes, it’s always up in the air if it will continue. Thirteen seasons is long enough but it’s not like the show has slowed down or lost its charm. The social mishaps of the main characters are something that could go on for many more seasons. 

Honorable mentions that I have never fully seen or given a proper chance:  Lost, Friends, Seinfeld

What do you consider to be the best of all-time? Leave a comment.

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