NCAA: Top 5 Hardest Stadiums to Play in College Football

College football is right around the corner from starting. Saturdays will be exciting for all college football fans. The talking has already begun. The teams are ready, and the fans will be packing their team’s stadium. The noise for college football is one of the best experiences a person will have. The question that was given to me was what are the top hostile environments in all of college football. Here are my top 5 stadiums that are hostile to opposing team in college football.

5. Ohio Stadium: Ohio State Buckeyes

It of course to the Buckeye fans is called the horseshoe. This stadium holds the third largest in all of college football. The horseshoe holds 104,851 people. It is one stadium that is hard for an opposing team to play in. The Buckeyes have been a team that no matter their record fill Ohio Stadium. Look for Buckeye nation to be ready again in 2019 to cheer on their Buckeyes.


4. Memorial Stadium: Clemson Tigers

This is home to of course the most exciting 25 seconds in all of college football. The Tigers players board buses following their pre-game warmups. As the buses circle the stadium and the players line up at the top of the east endzone. When the cannons blast the Tigers, players run down the hill to their fight song and rub Howard’s rock. They are the defending national champions look for Memorial Stadium to be rocking again. The 81,500 fans that fill it.

3. Kyle Field: Texas AM Aggies

Many teams can say they have a 12th man being the fans. Kyle Field is one of the loudest places in all of college football. The “12th” man is what makes so hard for opponents. It seats 102,500 people. The stadium was rated the second hardest toughest stadium in the nation. It is the largest stadium in the state of Texas and fourth-largest in the nation. Aggies fan believes that they can dethrone the Alabama Crimson Tide in the SEC this year.

2. Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium: Oklahoma Sooners

In the Big 12, it doesn’t get any tougher. When the Sooner Schooner comes on the field and the football team follows it becomes very loud. The stadium holds 84,000 the second largest in the Big 12 only behind their rivals the Texas Longhorns. Now, this upcoming season the Sooners will try to be part of the playoff. Look for the Sooner faithful to fill the stadium again. This might be the third year in a row that the Heisman Trophy winner comes out of Oklahoma.

1. Tiger Stadium: LSU Tigers

The stadium is known as Death Valley. It is also known as Deaf Valley. Tiger Stadium is loud. Many say that there is no place to be on Saturday night than in Baton Rouge. It seats 102,321 people. With the additions made recently it had become louder. The Tigers beat the UCF Knights last year in the Fiesta Bowl. Look for the Tigers fans to fill and continue to make Death Valley a tough place to play.

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