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Long are the days of the buddy movies like “The Blues Brothers”, “Dumb and Dumber” or “The Other Guys.” To make a good movie like those today, you have to not make cliches’ and the chemistry between the co-stars have to be great. Those are problems “Stuber” doesn’t get right. 

Stuber is the story of a grizzled LAPD cop (Vic) played by Dave Bautista who loses his partner and doesn’t have empathy for anyone or anything else. Followed by his co-star Kumail Nanjiani (Stu) who is a simpleton. He plays an Uber driver that Vic pushes around to help with the case that got his partner killed.

I didn’t like Dave Bautista for this role. To me, he can do what the Rock can’t, and vice versa. Bautista can’t carry a movie as Dwayne Johnson does and Dwayne Johnson can’t act in a  dramatic role like “Bladerunner 2049” or the upcoming “Dune” movie that Bautista can.

Bautista is capable of comedy but I didn’t laugh at any moment he was on screen. All the comedic relief comes from Nanjiani. Bautista’s character was too straight man for my taste. They also didn’t build him up to be a top-level LAPD cop. The one that you expect to see Bautista play. Especially from his other roles. You assume he is a badass. 

What bothered me about this movie and this may not apply to all, was this movie felt like a long Uber ad. The title of the movie “Stuber” is a pun on the main character who drives for Uber. They bring up the “5-star rating” constantly. I would go back and count how many times they said the word “Uber” in the movie. However, I don’t think I will be seeing this movie again. I am willing to bet they say it too many times. 

If you want some laughs then I recommend watching this movie. Don’t expect a good story or to invest too much in the characters to care about wanting a sequel. Definitely, don’t rush to see it in the theater. 

What is your favorite buddy movie? Leave a comment and let us know.

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