Video Game Beat Remixes You Should Listen To

Do you know what I love? Hip-hop music. Do you know what I loved before I started loving hip-hop music? Video game music. Video game music used to be all I ever listened to before I really started getting into hip-hop. Afterward, it wasn’t long until I’d scour the internet for something that would combine the two into some great video game beats. After all, hip-hop music is known for taking other pieces of music and sampling it to create something totally unique. Video game samples can work just the same, right?


While over the years there’s been a ton of big-name producers that have sampled video games in artists’ songs, I want to pay attention to producers I found online that do it on the regular. This is just a small list that only does their work so much justice. So, if you like what you hear, show these guys some love and maybe check out the rest of their stuff. These are just some of my favorite beats.

Fox Victory Theme Remix – AsisGalvin

This guy was the first person I listened to that turned me on to the whole video game beat remix scene. This remix of Fox’s theme from Super Smash Bros. has got to be one of the hypest remixes I’ve heard. The way he takes the short little six-second snippet; tones it down, slows it down and loops it over the booming drums is practically genius. As different as it makes the little jingle sound, I also like how the entire song still keeps the spirit of the original sample. It’s heroic with just a little bit of added flair. And Fox has always had a heroic flair about him.

Koopa Swag – Raisi K.

I haven’t played a lot of Mario games, but Super Mario World is definitely the one I’m the most familiar with. I remember playing it on a rom back in high school that allowed us to share save files across the entire school’s computer system. Not sure how that worked but it made for some really interesting gaming sessions during school hours no less. If I could turn back the clock and go back to those days, I want this beat playing in the background whenever we start up a Super Mario World session. Hell, I’ll take this beat playing in the background any time I start playing a Mario game now.


Select Screen Theme – PMC

Man, the things these guys can do with ten-second loops. I’m more familiar with the ‘X’ series of Megaman games, but I do have to admit that the original series has some pretty sick cuts and the boss select theme in Megaman 3 is one of them. The little 10-second jingle is supposed to get you pumped up and ready for the next stage, no doubt. PMC takes it, slows it down and adds a few more bells and whistles to make it sound like your more traditional trap beat. But it sounds one-thousand times more original than your standard trap beats on the market today. I also appreciate how at the very beginning and the very end he lets the sample speak for itself.

Sheik’s Theme – Shag

Fresh, fresh, fresh! In every sense of the word, this video game beat is too fresh! It reminds of something you’d hear on the soundtrack to Samurai Champloo. I like how there’s a slight echo effect added to the original sample and then the way parts are cut and looped together is just beautiful. I mean, the original sample was already pretty nice on its own, but this remix takes the slightly broken jauntiness of the original sample and gives it some better rhythm with some added flair. It’s just such a great take on a Legend of Zelda jingle.

Super NES – MasterJaceBeats

Nintendo has a lot of great video game soundtracks under its belt. If there was one in particular that is truly my favorite, it would have to be the F-Zero soundtrack. White Land, Mute City and one of my favorites Sand Ocean all come to mind. What I like the most about the F-Zero soundtrack is that every song truly does make the backdrop for a race to the death. No matter what version from 8-bit to studio sound, every song in F-Zero has carried this quality. I like how this remix turns that quality into something more mystifying and grander. I can barely even tell it’s a Port Town sample with how incredibly different it sounds. A beat like this wouldn’t go amiss on something like the IGPX soundtrack, that’s for sure.

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World: The Game | 5 Themes in 1 – AsisGalvin

Holy hell is this beat a sick one. I personally think it’s one of AsisGalvin’s best, if not the best. Before the beats on Lil Uzi’s mixtape Lil Uzi Vert Vs. The World I was bumping this beat all day. As much as I love a good majority of the beats on that mixtape, this 5-theme remix pretty much trumps all of them. I especially love the sections where the guitar samples really kick in. And then there’s the ending… I always love beats where the producer lets the sample play out. And with a lo-fi guitar loop like that, how could you not?


Yoga Fire – Raisi K.

Yes, please. The first Street Fighter game I ever owned was Street Fighter IV, but Street Fighter II is the fighting game I remember playing the most as a kid going to daycare. And as a kid, who didn’t like Dhalsim? The guy’s got stretchy limbs that made you feel like you were cheating the game if you didn’t know how fighting games worked. The way Raisi slows down and increases the pitch of Dhalsim’s theme in this video game beat remix makes me wish that the actual theme sounded just like this. One of my favorite things about fighting games is how animated and expressive character rosters are in them. There are tons of great sound clips you can pull from just one game alone. With all the Street Fighter sound clips littering the track as ad-libs, it makes me appreciate fighting game sound design even more.

Groovy Bat – MasterJaceBeats

This list wouldn’t be complete without a Sonic sample. I’m just going to say it right now. Sonic Adventure 2’s soundtrack is at least top 5 Sonic soundtracks of all-time. All of Rouge’s songs are some of the best in the entire franchise to me. I could give a damn about how sexual they might sound. While Bright Sound is probably my favorite, Lovely Gate 3 is pretty nice too, and the sample of it here is great. I appreciate the slowed and toned-down approach to it. It gives the vocalist a huskier flavor. The drums are spot on with the clapping snare. It’s a really nice beat to chill out to.

What are some of your video games remixes? Leave a comment below.

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