New York Mets: Should They Trade Noah Syndergaard to the Phillies

The MLB Trade Deadline is next week and it’s safe to say the New York Mets should be sellers. One move they should consider is trading Noah Syndergaard to the division rival Philadelphia Phillies.

Why do you ask?


First of all, there aren’t many teams that will have the prospects to pull off a trade for him. This could also benefit Syndergaard because Philly does have payroll flexibility for the future.

Obviously, the man they call Thor wants a large payday and rightfully so.

It makes sense for the Phils since it is hard to find 26-year old flame throwers available in the trade or free agency market.

The Mets could use the prospects and they wouldn’t have to worry about paying Syndergaard, who has missed time in recent years due to health issues.

It’s a win for everyone involved and with how hard it is to find great top of the line arms the Phils should look into this.

Besides, just look at the names people are throwing around that were thought to be up for grabs potentially.

Madison Bumgarner, San Francisco: There are rumors that state the Giants could want a good-sized return in exchange for MadBum. It doesn’t make sense considering the injury history and lack of wins he has put up in the last three seasons. Plus he’s a free agent in the offseason.

Trevor Bauer, Cleveland: It looks more and more unlikely that Bauer won’t be available since The Tribe are playing pretty well and are in pursuit of Minnesota for the AL Central’s top spot.

Matthew Boyd, Detroit: The Phils could get Boyd and Syndergaard, but Philly shouldn’t treat Boyd like a top tier pitcher. His ERA is currently over four.

Marcus Stroman, Toronto: The Blue Jays ace could be the starter most likely to get dealt to The City of Brotherly Love. Toronto is clearly going nowhere and traditionally the Phils and Jays have traded with each other over the years. Stroman has allowed three runs or less in his last six starts. He’s an all-star and a bigger name than most of the pitchers we’ve heard mentioned in trade deadline talk.

Robbie Ray and Zack Greinke, Arizona: Ray could be considered a No. 2 starter, but with an ERA approaching the 4.00 range, Philly should avoid shipping top prospects out of town for the lefty. Greinke is 35-years old. Arizona owes him $70 million in the next two seasons combined. Plus, Greinke has been awful in his last three playoff starts.

I wouldn’t be shocked if the Philadelphia Phillies struck a deal with the New York Mets for Thor. It could be a surprise to many, but the Phils have the resources and a team ready to win now.

Ray and Boyd would nice additions. Although the Phils really need a guy who can be anther ace routinely and Syndergaard fits the bill.

Should the Mets trade Thor to the Phitin Phils? Leave a comment below.

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