Apex Legends: Feats & Fails, Squad Wipe

Last time on “Feats & Fails”, we went over a pretty epic collision fail. Now it’s time to take a look at a pretty unlikely feat, at least for a player of my current skill level in Apex Legends.

As much as this game is centered on teamwork, there are instances where you just have that one player that can carry a squad to victory. Whether or not that ruins the spirit of the game is debatable, but that’s the beauty of team-based games, virtual or otherwise.


This instance is, of course, nowhere near a team-carry but I brought it up for a reason. You’ll see why after this clip.

As you can see, this was pretty early in the match. I manage to find a few resources before someone bops one of my teammates and they subsequently disconnect. This was not a genuine hot drop by any means but it ends up turning out like one.

The issue I have with hot dropping in Apex Legends isn’t doing it but more so how you do it. If you’re going to land in an area with 3 to 5 other teams, you better choose your LZ extra carefully. Splitting up or staying together is always the biggest question to me in a hot drop situation. If you split up your team can collect more resources faster, but you also run the risk of facing an early bopping if you don’t find any and come in contact with a player who did. If you stay together, your resource discovery is limited but you still have the extra manpower if you run into an opposing player on their own.

Pretty much every crack team is going to split up on landing though. Even though this is a team game, you still want to try and find the best resources for yourself first, right? At that point, you’re just there to respond when a teammate is under pressure. That’s what I do in this clip. I don’t really like playing that way, but not much you can do about it in a random game.

So, a Lifeline pretty much demolishes our defenseless Bangalore. She leaves the game before I even have time to take down the Lifeline that killed her. Even though Apex Legends reassures you that it’s not over even after you die, people still elect to leave probably either from frustration or just lack of trust in their teammates. This is why I usually prefer sticking as a unit when dropping around other teams. I eventually bop the Lifeline before her teammate comes to peel for her. I promptly handle them as well. It was messy, mostly because I get hella nervous in these situations.

You can visually see my nervousness when I fight the last squad member of that team. Later on, he comes to try and recover his team members’ banners. At that point, not only has he bopped my only other teammate, that teammate was also AFK the entire time. So, he ends up disconnecting for idling too long. When I finally see the enemy Bloodhound, he doesn’t look like he wants any business with me. If I’m judging his decision making from that one alone, then it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to say that he at least picked up his teammates’ banners as he ran past. Good decision making is an invaluable skill in Apex Legends. Trying to respawn them at the beacon just outside is probably not the best option though if that was his idea.


Anyway, when I aim at him through the window, that’s when my nervousness really kicks in as you can see. I don’t land a shot on him. As embarrassing as that is, I still chase after him because at that point I have nothing else to lose. After missing a couple more shots, I just decide that a firefight is pointless. So, I resort to good ole’ fashion fisticuffs!

Rule of thumb when using melee in Apex Legends: When you can, always abuse jump-kick. This is for two reasons. One: It comes out faster and recovers quicker than the punch attack. Two: It’s much easier to control than the punch and it makes you slightly harder to hit. Works wonders in low skill games. It’s probably safe to say the Bloodhound was pretty nervous too. He never hit me once the entire fight as well. It was a pretty silly and fun way to cap off a squad wipe even if my teammates coming into it were nowhere to be found during.

What’s the most unconventional squad wipe you’ve had in Apex Legends? Leave your comments below!

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