Los Angeles Angels: Tyler Skaggs Gave One Gift Posthumous, Passion

The Los Angeles Angels have been on a tear since the all-star break. They have won five straight, including two against the defending champions. They have scored no less than six runs during their win streak. Since Tyler Skaggs died, this team has gone 8-3. A lot of times analysts seem to forget that human beings play the game of baseball. It’s not a game where you can just punch in and play purely based off of “tendencies” of different numbers being crunched.  Some of the strongest teams in the past few decades have gotten that way because they were driven, not because they “got on base”.


There’s a visual difference in the way this Los Angeles Angels team played since the loss of Skaggs. It’s almost like they have been reawakened. Two situations this reminds me of is the Boston Bombing and 9/11. Particularly in part to how the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees responded. Both teams ended up making the World Series. Sure the Yankees were already doing well by September, but they got better. Boston was a similar situation. They were 11-4 by the time the Boston Bombing happened, which just ended up waking a sleeping giant it seemed. The Red Sox ended up winning almost 100 games including the World Series that season. All with “Boston Strong” patches emblazoned on their uniforms.

When Hurricane Harvey hit, the Houston Astros lifted the city by coming back 3-2 in the postseason to eventually defeat the Dodgers in the World Series.  Even though some of these teams may have already been doing well, there’s no question that these things gave them something more to play for, a larger purpose.

The thing is, these weren’t specifically about the numbers. Tragedies awaken something inside of all of us. Maybe in the case of the Los Angeles Angels, it has awoken a drive and passion that came just in time for a storybook season. When Tyler Skaggs died, the Angels were fighting to stay remotely near .500 on the season, in fourth place in their division. Now? There is a certain drive to this team and only time will tell where they will go. However, if history repeats itself the future is bright. The year that Nick Adenhart died, the Angels ended up in the ALCS and winning the division. It’ll be interesting to see what happens this season. The best way to pay tribute to Skaggs is to go as far as their drive will take them, and it is clear the team knows that.

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