Apex Legends: Fails & Feats, Collision Fail

I’ve been playing a fair amount of Apex Legends lately. Regardless of whether or not its popularity is decreasing for whatever reason doesn’t matter to me. I’m going to play what I like. The game has honestly kept my attention longer than I expected it to. Long enough that it’s time to make a series on some of the wackier shenanigans that go on in-game. So, welcome to another series called: “Fails & Feats: Apex Legends Edition”.


Apex Legends is, at its core, a battle royal game, but has mechanics that are similar to something like Overwatch. You pick a legend that comes equipped with their own set of skills and tools and then you and two others team up to be the last squad alive. How you use these character-specific tools can be pivotal in ensuring success.

But we’ll get to all that another time hopefully. Right now, just watch this clip:

So, this is the first time this happened to me and I’m still scratching my head on how. This is in the newly added ranked mode. What I’ve noticed from ranked games as opposed to normal single queue in Apex Legends is that you’re more likely to land by another squad no matter how hard you try to avoid doing so. I theorize this is because these games matter a bit more so people definitely want to minimize hot dropping by spreading further out across the map. What these means though is that there’s a smaller concentration of teams clustered together at one spot at the start of matches. Thus, you’ll probably run into another team not necessarily in a hot drop situation but possibly a short while afterward.

In the clip, my team lands over a supply ship that’s directly over a hot zone. Well, at least two-thirds of my team does. Supply ships and hot zones are pretty hit-or-miss when it comes to other teams contesting you on landing. Sometimes no one will contest because teams are afraid of heavy contention. Sometimes 4 or 5 other teams will contest just to try their luck. It’s a total toss-up in Apex Legends. Fortunately, it looks like we didn’t have that much competition, but it doesn’t matter considering what happens immediately after I land.


I snatch up some resources quickly before spotting an enemy in the corner of my eye, calling it out based on where they’re headed just to give my teammate a heads up. Deciding to flank behind them, I try to cut over the steps to save time and boom, I’m dead with my character’s body clipping through the steps.

Events like this make me wonder what it said on the kill feed when I died. I can only assume it said I fell and that only shows up when you fall clear off the map. There’s no fall damage in Apex Legends so falling from a great height is never the culprit. What else could it be though? Another player’s banner didn’t appear on death so it was a self-death.

What are your thoughts on this event? Is it a glitch? Did the game just bug out and didn’t really have an idea on where to put my character model as I vaulted over the steps? Leave your comments below!

Have you ever played Apex Legends? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below.

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