Overwatch: That’s Not How You Play Them, McCree

Last time on “That’s Not How You Play Them” we talked about a confused Reaper. Today’s clip brings us a pretty bold (or stupid) McCree.

McCree is a damage character in Overwatch with a pretty powerful weapon. He has some of the worst abilities in the game though. They’re pretty solid one-on-one tools, but in a team fight, they’re only so useful. It’s hard to imagine someone actually overestimating these abilities, but behold, someone actually did.

So, in this clip, we see a McCree basically run up on the entirety of the other team and attempt to throw a flashbang through the Reinhardt’s shield. Now, while this is doable, it doesn’t gain you much. Even if the McCree managed to stun the Rein with the flashbang, there’s no guaranteed kill there. Fan the hammer does a lot of damage, but not enough to kill a tank, especially not one with a healer.


The McCree’s best bet was maybe to go after the Moira or the Lúcio. Even then you can’t make a move like that and expect not to get punished for it. The D.Va and Reinhardt are still there after all. A flashbang is a tool that gives McCree an option up close, but he’s much better from around mid to long-range, barring the damage fall-off. McCree’s mobility is very, very low, so positioning with him is pretty important. Positioning is important for every character in Overwatch, but especially so for McCree.


It’s just such a strange move to make as a McCree. Even if he managed to eliminate someone, at best it would’ve been a trade. His team was on defense which means that trades favor the other team since their players have a slightly smaller distance to travel back to the first assault point. I mean, I can only assume that since he happened to have a healing orb on him, this McCree must’ve thought he was invincible or something. You can’t just walk into the enemy team’s frontline like that. You’re just asking for an early trip back to spawn.

So, McCree player, if you’re still out there misjudging the power of your tools, I hope this post gets to you. And please, believe me when I say that’s not how you play him!

What’s the worst McCree play you’ve seen? Leave your comments below!

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