Los Angeles Lakers Will Find out if They Have a ‘Big 3’ This Coming Season

The Los Angeles Lakers missed out on acquiring forward Kawhi Leonard, but the purple and gold might have a ‘Big 3’ or ‘Big 4’ on their hands during the 2019-2020 season.

The Lakers have a young player going under the radar in Kyle Kuzma. The third-year pro has shown the ability to score and rebound the basketball.

This is the perfect time for Kuzma to step up and show he can help the Lakers form a ‘Big 3’. Sure, there are improvements that he needs to make, but with so much hype surrounding LeBron James and Anthony Davis, expect Kuzma to be a force once again.

The soon to be 24-year-old averaged nearly 19 points per game and had 5.5 rebounds per game.

Kuzma stands at 6′ 9″ and has proved why the Lakers chose to keep him while dealing Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram.

Another player who could stand up and create a ‘Big 3’ for the Lake Show is DeMarcus Cousins.

With Boogie in the fold, he can work with his buddy AD, especially when James is resting on the pine.

The dynamic duo between Cousins and Davis will put the opposition in a tailspin.

Don’t write off Boogie and his ability to take over in the scoring and rebounding departments.

Cousins should be fully healthy for most of the season and really propel the Lakers offense when called to do so.

LeBron and AD will find a way to get Boogie involved. How can you not?

The more LBJ, AD, and Cousins touch the rock one of two things might happen.

A) More double teams will be drawn to stop AD if he has the ball, which allows Cousins to run wide open and yes, that goes for the shooters like Danny Green and Jared Dudley.

B) LBJ, AD, and Cousins will have a ton of one-on-one opportunities, since teams will think, “there are three stars. There’s no point in double teaming any of them.”

Cousins is only 29-years of age. He also averaged 16 PPG, 8 RPG, and nearly 4 APG. Yes, Cousins can be productive and there’s no reason to think he can’t be.

The Lakers have championship and playoff experience all over their roster. They should be able to figure out a way to make it work at least offensively. The purple and gold can dictate a ball game.

The Los Angeles Lakers have two guys in Kuzma and Cousins who can help create a ‘Big 3’ in LA.

I know people have written off the LA Lakers as the favorite to win it all, but if they get strong production from Kuzma and/or Cousins, then anything is possible.

Will Kuzma or Cousins help the Lakers form a ‘Big 3’? Leave a comment below.

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