Technology: A Peek at the Top 5 Streaming Devices

Today not only are we in a streaming war among services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, but we are also in a streaming device war as well. All the top tech companies like Amazon, Apple and Google have their own streaming devices to use. In due time they’ll have their own content as well so that you have to buy this device to get this certain content. 

Apple TV

Probably more overpriced than what you need. Apple is making its original content and will be available free on Apple Devices. So this would the ideal device to view the content. I would only recommend if you’re deep into the Apple Ecosystem. I found Airplay to be a neat feature for this, which you can mirror what is showing on your iPad/iPhone. At $150 its best to find a second hand or refurbished one. All the other options start at 35-40 dollars which severely undercuts this device.


Google Chromecast

This is my choice of streaming device. The convenience of having your phone as a remote feels better than a regular remote. It’s not perfect, the connection can drop off from time to time depending on the app.  When you’re at someone else’s house and they have one, connecting to it just with a phone seems more modern. Also, if having an app for each streaming service is too cumbersome to have on your phone, then I don’t recommend it. For the longest time, you weren’t able to cast Amazon Prime Video content on Chromecast but news came out that later this year you will be able to. Stadia is coming to the Chromecast later this year, which you can stream high-quality games like Destiny 2 over it. Like the Apple TV, you can mirror what is on Chrome browser or Android Phone.

Amazon Fire Stick

Again, only if you’re deep into the Amazon ecosystem do I recommend the Amazon Fire Stick. It has an Alex button to tell it to play a certain show you want, but I have never used it or felt the need to. Amazon has quality content and needs a device to push this out which is the need for this. Like the Chromecast, there wasn’t an official YouTube app for Fire stick but Amazon and Google have made up and you will be able to view YouTube content and YouTube TV on a Fire Stick. 

Roku Stick

This is the most agnostic of them all. It doesn’t prioritize any content (unless you count the buttons on the remote) and has all the apps. Roku has been around for 16 years so they’re an established company that knows what they’re doing in the streaming industry. A con of Roku if you want to call it one, is it never has a technology that seems cutting-edge from the others. It doesn’t have a Siri, Alexa or games to play. However, it does have practical things like a built-in headphone jack in the remote so you can listen to the TV without disturbing others. 

Your Smart TV

All Modern TVs either have their own software built-in or they have Amazon, Roku, and Chromecast built-in. The decision comes where you buy and rent your content from. That will make it easier for you to decide the best experience.

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