NCAA: The Top 10 College Football Coaches Right Now

College football has many great teams. That means that there are many great coaches. Now many of these coaches many of us fans know. The other will be ones that we are just getting to know. I have been given the assignment to name the top 10 best college coaches in college football right now. Many of my readers will agree with the list and others will not. This is just my opinion on who I believe they are. I will start at 10 and go down to 1.


10. Dan Mullen – University of Florida Gators

Mullen averaged 7.7 wins when he coached at Mississippi State. Many were not surprised that the Gators went from 4 wins to 10 wins in his first season. Many Gators fans including myself were happy he won 10 in his first season with the Gators. The Gators are starting to turn their team around. Let see what Mullen and the Gators do in 2019 season.

9. David Shaw – Stanford Cardinals

Shaw went 42-12 in his first six seasons. In a weird way, Shaw might be higher on the list. The problem is that Shaw might be the victim of his own success. Now that he has gone a total of 64-17 in his tenure. He has been a staple in Pac 12 for a long time. Let see how the Cardinals do in 2019.

8. Gary Patterson – TCU Horned Frogs

Now Patterson rank on this list took a hit. The Horned Frogs went 7-6 last year. Now the good news during his tenure they have bounced back. On many occasions when they win 7 or less, they win 10 or 11 next year. Will, that happens in 2019?

7. Brian Kelly – Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Kelly reached the college football playoff last year. The Irish were beat handily by the Clemson Tigers. Now the Irish have won 10 games the last three of the last four seasons. The Irish could be right back in the thick of things in 2019. Remember they are independent.

6. Kirby Smart – Georgia Bulldogs

In his first three seasons, the Bulldogs have won 2 east titles and an SEC title. He is a porterage of Nick Saban. Smart has turned the Bulldog program. If he continues to recruit the way he has the Bulldogs aren’t going anywhere. Let see if the Bulldogs are back in the SEC Championship in 2019.

5. Jimbo Fisher – Texas A&M Aggies

He has a clean slate since leaving Florida State. Fisher had 9 wins in the first season. Many Aggies fans want more out of him. Now the good news id quarterback Kellen Mond took a step forward. This was big for the Aggies moving forward.


4. Lincoln Riley – Oklahoma Sooners

Riley has coached at this moment two Heisman trophy winners. With Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray both winning and being drafted into the NFL. Now he gets Jalon Hurts who transferred from the Alabama Crimson Tide. Many said he has another Heisman trophy winner on his hand. Now with their rival, the Texas Longhorns coming up the Sooners will have to continue winning to win the Big 10 in 2019.

3. Chris Petersen – Washington Huskies

He has gone 15-12 in his first two seasons. Peterson has the Huskies 32-9 and two Pac-12 titles in last three seasons. The Huskies were in the playoff in 2016. Petersen had the Huskies in a powerhouse position for a long time to come. Let see if they can the Huskies back to the playoff in 2019.

2. Nick Saban – Alabama Crimson Tide

Saban is in a class all his own. He has made the Crimson Tide a threat to be in the National Championship every year. He has won 6 titles 5 of those with the Tide. Saban has lost more national title games than 95 percent of the coaches on my top 10. Look for the Tide to be right back in 2019.

1. Dabo Swinney – Clemson Tigers

Swinney has seemed to be the only coach that can beat Saban when it counts. They have met each other in multiple national championships. Like Saban, he is a class all his own. The Tigers won it all with a true freshman quarterback in 2018. Like the Tide, the Tigers will be right there for another title.

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