NHL: Here are 3 Possible Rule Changes

It seems to come a time in every sport where needs to be a rule change or two. Maybe an existing rule needs to be modified. The sport changed with time and technology. When the NHL came out of the latest lockout and made changes. The changes that were made are to bring back the fans that they may have lost. I was given an assignment on what three rules in hockey I would change well here they are.


1. Expanded reviews on certain plays

We all know as hockey fans that one play could change everything. A goal that is disallowed or an offense call. Every team has one review. Of course, it is control of the coaching staff. There are only certain things that can be challenged by a team. If the NHL expands it to all plays. If a team feels that there was a penalty that was going against or for them, they should have the opportunity to challenge it.

2. Have 2 timeouts and 2 challenges

In the current NHL, a team has one time out and one challenge. If a team use a challenge early in the game and they lose it their timeout is also gone. We all know as hockey fans how important a timeout can be out towards the end of the game. If each team had two timeouts and 2 challenges, it would help. If they win both challenges, then like in the NFL they would get the third one. Timeouts would be very important.

3. Expand the goalie trapezoid by three inches

This is the only area where goalies can handle the puck. In today’s NHL most goalies gear their game around puck control. This helps their team get the puck out of the zone and might help on offense and defense. If they expand it by 3 inches, it would help the goalies, so they won’t be penalized. This will also help the flow of the game. It would give the goalie more options behind and around the net.

Do you agree with my rule changes? Which ones need to be changed? Leave a comment below.
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