NFL: Is It Time for the Franchise Tag to be Eliminated?

With one of the most exciting NBA free agency periods having begun it may be time for the NFL to change theirs. Even if you aren’t an NBA fan you were watching to see where the big names ended up. Thus it is time the NFL make it more fun. It might be time to do away with the franchise tag. In a way, the franchise tag controls a player’s feature. It would sure make the free agency much more fun.

What is the Franchise Tag?

What the franchise tag does is control a player from being what is called an unrestricted free agent. The tag allows a team to sign a player for a year. Normally it gives the team and player time to negotiate. In some cases, it works out. Other times it does not and the player will play with tag and then move to a new team. If the NFL eliminated the franchise tag it might make it easier for players to find the right contractor team. Now I am not saying that the NFL should allow super teams like the NBA.


The casual fan in the NBA will now turn away. Having super teams is a bad idea. The NFL will not go down that line. Even the NFL gets rid of the tag it would not create super teams. It would just put a little bit more control in the player’s hands. Although the salary cap would control what team the player went too. It would give the player a chance to say if he wanted to change teams he could.


My opinion on the tag is that its hard. If the tag is in place the team controls their stars. On the other hand, if it’s gone the player can then go to any team. Especially if that team has the cap space. It was fun watching where the top free agents went in the NBA. That would be cool if the NFL had the same kind of impact. Even the NHL free agency is cool to see who gets signed. We will have to see what the NFL does in the future.

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