Los Angeles Lakers: Is Carmelo Anthony the Perfect Role Player?

Carmelo Anthony is probably the NBA’s most “what if” player had it not been for his ego. What if he could play alongside Jeremy Lin in New York. What if he was willing to share the ball with Russell Westbrook and Paul George in OKC. The same for his short Houston stint that seems like it happened so long ago. However, would he be the perfect role player for the Los Angeles Lakers?

He’s never been able to make it work on a “superteam”. What I find confusing is that he is willing to share the ball and play well when it comes to the USA teams (‘04, ‘06, ‘08, ‘12, ‘16 Olympic teams) but it doesn’t translate well in the NBA. There was a time where he was a top 3 player in the NBA so it’s also surprising how he struggles to make to rosters.

Well, maybe the third times the charm on the Los Angeles Lakers with his longtime friend, LeBron James. LeBron is able to play with just about anyone and make the most out of them. He wouldn’t be the third piece that they are planning to get, but he can help.

Carmelo is at the age now where Vince Carter is when he decided to be a role player and he has been able to find a “second wind” and help teams either compete (Dallas Mavericks), or help mentor young players (Atlanta Hawks).

I don’t see any other contending team like the Bucks or the 76ers taking a chance on him. Maybe the Nuggets, they could use the veteran presence but that’s about it. The Los Angeles Lakers are still in an experimental phase with their roster that can afford Melo cheap. His ceiling for the Lakers is a Ginobili situation where he comes off the bench but plays in the last minutes of close games. If it doesn’t work out in this scenario, then this really is it for Melo as an NBA player.

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