MLB: It was a Successful Weekend in London

The MLB decided it was time to play baseball in England. They sent one of the best rivalries in sports the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees. Baseball seemed to be popular at all the other countries it has been in. It was a surprise for me that playing baseball where cricket is so popular. Cricket games could last for a day and have scored in the multiple hundreds. It surprised me how many people showed up for the short two-game series. It looks like baseball could work in England.


In fact, the two teams scored 50 runs. That is the most that the two have scored in a two-game series. It was the first time that these two have played on artificial service. In game 1 both the Yankees and Red Sox scored 6 runs. Both games were won by the New York Yankees. The Red Sox played well but have many questions as they return to the US after this series.

Next year MLB plans on returning to London it will be the St. Louis Cardinals and the Chicago Cubs. Thus, I believe after seeing the people show up for the Yankees and Red Sox it will just as popular. It seems that all major sports want to make itself a global entity. It surprised that this worked in London. Many people believe that baseball was created from cricket.

I think this is good for baseball. Baseball is called boring by many fans. The attendance in baseball is down all over the league. There are many different reasons why that is. In fact, the game is trying to bring back its fans. The one biggest problem I believe is the season is too long. If they shorten the season it would easier for fans to attend. However, the league will not do that. All in all, this weekend was successful for MLB.

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