Child’s Play 2019: Looking Inside the Classic Horror Flick Remake

So, Hollywood has done it again. They have reach back and made another remake. Hollywood has decided to remake Child’s Play. The first movie mad was in 1988. It was an instant classic. It was about a serial killer who was shot by an off duty cop. To prevent him from dying he uses voodoo to transplant his soul into a doll. The doll then came to life and went after a little boy named Andy to use his body to become human again.


In the 2019 version, Chucky returns. Now many thought that he would be CMG. The directors and creators had 4 animatronics made for the movie. This version has a new twist. Instead of where the dolls are created a mistreated employee takes all the safety procedures off. That means the doll could do or say anything it liked. Andy mom played by Aubrey Plaza in this version. She worked in a department store that sold the dolls. She and Andy had hit a rough time and moved. The doll is a return from another customer who said its eyes were flashing red. The dolls eyes were blue, so the customer returned it. So, she asked her boss if she could have it and threaten him that he would tell his wife that he had cheated on her.

Her boss agreed and let her take the doll home. She gave it to Andy played by Gabriel Bateman. It was his birthday in a few weeks and because of the tough move. She decided to give to him early. The doll is named Chucky by Andy the voiced of Chucky was Mark Hamill. Hamill, of course, played Luke Skywalker in Star Wars. He is also a famous voice actor. Chucky was activated by an app on a phone. In fact, the company that created Chuck by Kaslan Multinational. Kaslan had also developed many different appliances. For example, audio speakers, televisions, and air conditioning thermostats. The doll could control any Kaslan product.

The first time that Andy senses something is wrong is after his cat scratches him. He says that he hates the cat. In return, he and Chucky had become such close friends. So, Chucky kills the cat and then Andy asks why he did it and he said because the cat hurt Andy. Andy is also not a huge fan of his mother boyfriend. In fact, her boyfriend is married and has a family on his own. Chucky also kills him by cutting his head off with a ditch digger.

This is when the movie gets good in my opinion. He also meets friends in the apartment complex he lives in. Their names are Falyn and Pugg. They love watching slasher movies this is where Chucky gets his ideas. His friends find out and rip out the heart of Chucky to stop the doll. The three of them then throw Chucky down the garbage shoot. They think that its all over.


The creepy repairman who is spying on Aubrey Plaza via camera. He finds the doll and has a new heart to bring Chucky back to life. This is when Chucky begins to control things. He knows has the power to control anything. He starts by getting revenge on the repair guy. The Chucky takes revenge on the police detective mother. This is a ploy because Kaslan is developing the second line of Buddy dolls.

Chucky returns to store to control the dolls and kill anyone who gets in his way. He kidnaps his mother. This is to also kill Andy because Andy harms him. In the end, Andy and his friends kill Chucky. Well, so they thought as at the end of the movie you see another doll on the shelf flash red eyes. For me, this movie wasn’t as good as the original, but it was good. The technology was the best part because how society is going this could very likely happen in the future. I would give it out of a 10 a hard 7.

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