NBA: Is This Kyrie Irving’s Last Dance

Kyrie Irving! Living in the city of Boston, MA, the public persecution of current free agent Boston Celtics supernova point guard, Kyrie Irving is inescapable. 

My momma used to tell me “A man who can conquer himself is stronger than a man who can conquer a city”. One can argue that is precisely the conundrum that both Kyrie Irving and the city of Boston wrestled with this past season. 

The countdown to initiate the official start of arguably the most anticipated NBA free agency looms just hours away. Kyrie’s decision regarding what team he will represent next year garners major attention nationwide. For his career, Kyrie has played in 508 games, averaged 22.2 points per game, handed out 5.7 assists per game, and shoots 46.5% from the floor.

Kyrie Irving on the basketball court is boundless and with the ball in his hands, he is simply magic. Kyrie’s unwritten superpowers with the ball are making his would-be defenders dance. That’s right, dance like the late incomparable Michael Jackson or shake like the sensational music artist Chris Brown. Kyrie’s report ire offensively, of which consists of unlimited handles, deadly pull up-jumper, and effortless 3 point range. In fact, his almost prophetic distribution of the ball prior to a play evolving, is why he is one of the very few masters within the game of basketball. However, Kyrie’s intangibles, most notably spearheading a team, failed him miserably this season in Boston. Thus providing some substance for the unwavering outcry by unapologetic Celtics fans. 

Kyrie is well aware of his failures with the Boston Celtics. As a result, Kyrie wasted no time and shortly after free agency was introduced, parted ways with his agent Jeff Wechsler and signed with Roc Nation Sports, a sub-division of Roc Nation founded by brand-new billionaire Shawn ”Jay-Z” Carter. Jay-Z is also a music mogul, who famously rapped a soulful song on his classic “Blueprint” album, “Heart Of The City (Ain’t No Love). Eerily, when you think about this past season’s implosion with the Celtics and the fall out after the season, as Jay-Z asked in the actual song, where is the love? 

I must admit, it has been quite perplexing observing and listening to the Celtics staunch fanbase. Especially those who appear angry about Kyrie exploring other options. Despite for an entire season, spewed out at an unrelenting pace, mean-spirited I love you and hate you at the very same time, attacks towards Kyrie and have held Kyrie substantially responsible for the demise of their championship aspirations this past NBA season. 

Without question, Kyrie deserves a chunk of the criticism. His vision of coming to Boston and leading a team to a championship ring flat out failed. However, not enough has been made about the competing interest throughout the ball club. 

First off, Boston Celtics General Manager Danny Ainge and Head Coach, Brad Stevens shares the fault of prematurely and stubbornly inserting shooting guard Gordon Hayward back into the starting line-up. Despite, Hayward coming off a catastrophic injury and the team coming off a superb postseason run playing in the Eastern Conference Finals. It disrupted and compromised the team’s trust and chemistry.

When I initially saw Hayward in the starting lineup, which he struggled mightily, his recently signed 4-year $127.8M($31.75M per year) came to mind. I figured the Boston Celtics were playing him to either protect their asset or showcasing him to trade him elsewhere. Now, considering Hayward and Steven’s close relationship, regaining Hayward’s confidence was the main objective. Additionally, besides guards, Hayward, Kyrie, and Marcus Smart, financial status remained uncertain. Even though, there existed an undeniable buzz surrounding the team’s previous season major success in 2017-2018(which the team exceeded expectations) and a 2018-2019 championship or bust demands. I say, Celtics as a whole fell victim to the adage “when you win a lot, you lose the ability to lose”. 

Similar in life, there is always a cost to pay. There is a price to pay if you want your life to change. Also, there is a cost if you wish for your life to remain the same. GM Danny Ainge, on the outside looking in wanted his cake and eat it too. The apple of Ainge’s eye was then New Orleans Pelicans Center, Anthony Davis. Furthermore, Ainge strategically kept all his attractive assets, most notably guards Terry Rozier and Kyrie(along with F Jason Tatum)although it was clear as day, Rozier should have been traded at the NBA trade deadline as well as Kyrie. 

Now, Davis is an L.A. Laker. Kyrie looks like he will be playing either in New York or LA. Either place he will continue to develop his leadership skills. Rozier has pledged he would play anywhere except Boston after this past season’s debacle. 

On a much refreshing side, Ainge is still arguably top 3 general managers in the NBA. I have full conviction and enthusiasm he will reload. Next up in his eyesight is rumored to be Charlotte Bobcats superstar guard Kemba Walker. Let’s just hope this time the ending turns out differently. 

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