NBA Free Agency: Five Bold Predictions

It’s really tough to predict what’s going to happen when moves are already being reported before the NBA Free Agency even starts on Sunday. Everyone is trying to make moves that will better their team for the now and the future.


  1. The Los Angeles Lakers will not get a key free agent.

The Lakers are making a mistake in my opinion by giving a third player a max deal rather than putting that money toward supporting players to help AD and LeBron. I think they’ll have to settle for lower tier players. 

  1. The New York Knicks won’t land a free agent and lead to a selling of the team.

I’m not sure if this is bold. The Knicks aren’t a key destination and there are rumors of Dolan selling the team. However, the two correlating with each other is what makes it feasible and bold. The Nets are a better team to go to doesn’t help either. 

  1. The Sacramento Kings will get a top free agent

The Kings have been the butt of every NBA joke by not competing and not having a competent front office. However, all that has changed since they’ve traded DeMarcus Cousins. They have Marvin Bagley who has been Chris Bosh light and a star PG in De’aaron Fox. All they need is a star to compete. 

  1. The Houston Rockets will make a bold move.

Even though the Rockets don’t have cap space. In fact, the team is essentially in shambles with them not beating the Warriors again. Along with the Chris Paul drama going on, they are always in free agency talks to get someone. Just like the Harden and CP deals, they came out of nowhere.

  1. D’Angelo Russell won’t go to a big market

It’s questionable if Russell can perform as he did again last season. He had one good season and didn’t perform well in the playoffs. I don’t see contenders looking to eye him. As a guard it’s worrisome he doesn’t get to the free throw line enough as well. I think he’ll go to a place like the Phoenix Suns.

Are these NBA Free Agency predictions likely? Leave a comment.

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