WWE: A Shakeup Behind the Curtains of Raw and SmackDown Live

The WWE made a big announcement earlier this week. Both Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff will take over as Executive Directors and be over creative for their respected shows. We all know their pasts with Bischoff being with WCW and Heyman was the creator of ECW. In fact, before the WWE bought the WCW Bischoff had a team ready to purchase the rights to WCW. Both gentlemen have had their separate roles with the superstars of the WWE. So, the question asked of me is it a good thing that these two are now in the positions that they are in?


WWE has had some rating issues as of late. These two both bring their swagger. Both Raw and SmackDown Live will be better with these two at the head. When Stephanie and Shane McMahon had control over both shows they were better. Now that the WWE no longer has certain superstars on just one show it makes it easier. In my opinion, they didn’t have enough stars on each show.

Heyman and Bischoff know what they are doing. The experience that both have will bring ratings. WWE like most sports brands needs a reprieve occasionally. These two will bring that fresh new attitude. The superstars of both brands will like what these two will bring. Heyman ran the ECW since he started it and it was once a great alternative to WWE. Bischoff worked closely in creating one of the greatest factions in wrestling.

He along with Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall develop the NWO. The NWO was powerful and play against the rest of the WCW roster. They, of course, competed against the Degeneration X in the Monday night wars. Both have run and created other brands that flourished. Vince McMahon and his board have made the right decision. I can’t see Heyman and Bischoff do any worse for the WWE.

Do you agree with the positions given to Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman? Leave a comment below.
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