Toy Story 4: A Look Inside the Latest Toy Adventure

Some Spoilers

To infinity and beyond! Pixar does it again with the Toy Story franchise. It received a 98% percent on Rotten Tomatoes and it had the third-best box office weekend of 2019 with 135 million. After the perfect full circle ending in Toy Story 3, that featured the passing of the toys from Andy to Bonnie, the old Toy Story gang is ready to help her get ready for Kindergarten. Now Woody’s role has changed and he doesn’t get played with as much as all the other toys. In fact, Jessie is the sheriff to Bonnie and it just goes to show that even the most popular toys, end up with the same fate as old/less popular toys, and you will spot some life lessons in this movie.


From there, Woody still wants to be a part of Bonnie’s life and he tags along with her to Kindergarten. She gets scared and is alone with her art supplies. After a kid throws her supplies in the trash, Woody gets them back for her, and she creates Forky with the spork. At first, Forky just wants to live in the trash, but Woody accepts his new role and pretty much coaches him into being a toy. A lot of other details of what happens I will leave out, but eventually Woody runs into his old friend Bo Peep by a Carnival and she has become an independent toy. She seems to enjoy her life and helps Woody on a certain task.

For once, this Toy Story movie didn’t really have a villain. The doll Gabby Gabby is actually just a toy looking for her shot and being someone’s owner. Her gang of ventriloquist dummies named the Bensons are creepy as ever. Forky lets everyone know about it in a joking manner. Forky steals the show at times with his happy and funny mindset on things, and his Bo Bo Bo lines were awesome. There are also some other new toys that have their own hilarious moments and unique personalities.

All in all, this movie gets an A. It’s full of laughs, new cool toys, that same old nostalgia from the old toys, and some happy tears at the end. Yes, I did have a few tears come out, but it wasn’t like the tears of Toy Story 3, when I thought they were all going to die, with that showdown music. Even Tom Hanks had an emotional moment with his Woody Character. This movie does bring possibly another Toy Story movie down the line, with one door closing, and another adventure beginning.

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