Does Josh Gordon deserve another chance to make a career?

Does Josh Gordon deserve another chance to make a career? My honest initial thought when I was posed this provocative question, was what really is being asked: “should New England Patriots gifted wide receiver Josh Gordon deserve the opportunity to make more millions”? Truthfully at the heart of it, if NFL players did not garner the hefty paychecks that immediately alters livelihoods for individuals, their families, and potentially create generational wealth, would time and attention be given to this talented receiver, Josh Gordon?  

The simple answer is NO! However, as “my momma” once told me “Let your hands be so busy catching blessings that you don’t have the capacity to hold onto grudges.” Gordon’s troubles have been well documented, especially during his time with the Cleveland Browns. Despite putting up ungodly type statistics, most notably leading the NFL in receiving yards in 2013 with 1,646 yards and 14 touchdowns. By the way, Gordon accomplished this impressive feat, despite missing 2 games. What is even more mind-boggling, is Gordon admittedly accomplished this pristine performance sometimes while indulging with marijuana prior to games.


In Gordon’s career, he caught 220 receptions, ran for 3,826 receiving yards, and grabbed 19 touchdowns in 6 seasons. In the life of a wide receiver averaging 17.4 yards, a catch is game-changing. However, for me, even as a former wide receiver in the NFL, the only scoreboard that matters, is Gordon’s mental health. 

Gordon’s decision to confront his own demons and take the appropriate steps towards addressing all disruptions compromising his inner peace is the ultimate triumph. Newly billionaire serial entrepreneur Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter, who feverishly advocates for self-love and betterment within his culture. He recently sat down with a therapist and lamented the importance of engaging in healthy dialogue about your struggles. Jay-Z’s takeaway from his on-going therapy sessions were “you only can heal what you reveal”. Jay-Z would be tremendously proud of Gordon for accepting the hardest challenge he will ever encounter in his entire life. Himself. 

Gordon took the most excruciating part of gaining personal clarity, which is the first step. Ironically, Gordon’s first step on the football field was nothing to play with. It allowed him to efficiently close cushion rapidly on defensive backs, plus cruise down the sideline for touchdowns. Thus, the journey Gordon has accepted to take is unequivocally paramount and should be fully supported. Countless Patriot’s teammates have been very vocal in their endorsement and advocacy of Gordon’s character. 

In the end, Gordon securing his own personal serenity with the harsh reality that all you can do is your very best and the results are what they are. Additionally, accepting it is going to take however long it is going to take. Far outweighs and is exponentially more meaningful than any achievement on the field. Gordon’s greatest victory will be when he can train his mind to be stronger than his emotions.

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