New York Mets: Firing Brodie Van Wagenen Would be the Right Move

The chaos in the New York Mets clubhouse continues to get hot. On Sunday afternoon after New York lost the game, Mickey Callaway and Jason Vargas got heated with a bunch of reporters and threatened them. The Mets only fined both of them and there was no suspension. The MLB will most likely not hand out any punishments for it. On Monday night, there was a report out there that General Manager Brodie Van Wagenen is calling the shots. Telling manager Mickey Callaway what to do from home.


Van Wagenen watched a game from his own home early in June when the New York Mets were playing on the road against the Arizona Diamondbacks and he decided to call other people in New York’s support staff to tell Mickey Callaway to take Jacob deGrom out of the game because of a potential injury.

Jacob deGrom was not happy he was pulled and a lot of people thought this was Callaway’s call. Now we are wondering whether or not Brodie Van Wagenen is acting as the manager in disguise. If that is the case, he should not have a job after this season.

I don’t ever recall Sandy Alderson ever pulling these stunts when Terry Collins was the manager. What is ironic is that Collins is now a special assistant to the general manager. I guarantee you that Terry Collins would not be putting up with this stuff.

There are also other possibilities that this isn’t the first time that Brodie Van Wagenen has told Callaway what to do in the game. He has denied any reports about this, but this is most likely true what he has been doing.

If that’s the case, Van Wagenen could get into big trouble because it is against MLB Rules to be doing in-game stuff with managers.

He was also very bad with his offseason signings and trades. The Robinson Cano and Edwin Diaz trade might have been the worst move Brodie Van Wagenen has made.

Trading away prospect outfielder Jarred Kelenic will be a move that this franchise regrets for a very long time. He was a first-round pick in the 2018 MLB Draft and Kelenic was taken right out of high school.

Remember before the season began and Van Wagenen said, “Come and get us”? Well, teams got them and they have the third worst winning percentage in the National League. The only two teams they are better than in the National League right now is the Miami Marlins and the San Francisco Giants.

For a big market team, this drama is getting more pathetic by the day and it needs to come to a stop but it most likely won’t anytime soon because the Wilpon’s have let it get to this point year after year.

Fans want to see them sell the team and they fell likely mediocrity will creep upon them time and time again until they do so. With that being said, the New York Mets will have no choice but to be sellers. They will more than likely miss the playoffs for the third consecutive season after making the playoffs back in 2015 and 2016. It was amazing that this team was just in the World Series in 2015 against the Kansas City Royals.

It is amazing how far they have fallen off the map ever since. In fact, it would be surprising to see Manager Mickey Callaway to survive this season. Also, it would also be surprising to see General Manager Brodie Van Wagenen come back for a second season after everything has gone wrong with this team this season.


New York does have some pieces in place. However, the problem is that they might, unfortunately, have to start all over because of the 2019 mess. Most of it is thanks to ownership and people in the front office.

The guy they should have hired to be the new general manager last offseason is Chaim Bloom. He is currently the Vice President of Baseball Operations with the Tampa Bay Rays.

I believe once again this offseason, they will be in search for a new manager and a new general manager. I think it is possible this team could start over and head in a direction that the Baltimore Orioles are currently heading in.

Other than Bloom, who else could be a potential replacement for Brodie Van Wagenen for the 2020 season and beyond?

New York Yankees Vice President of Baseball Operations Tim Hearing could be one of those names that come up. Another name that comes to mind is Los Angeles Dodgers Senior Vice President of Baseball Operations Josh Byrnes.

Los Angeles has developed a winning culture. Maybe he would carry it over into the New York Mets front office.

How would you feel if the New York Mets fire Brodie Van Wagenen? Leave a comment below.

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