NCAA: The Top 5 Logos in College Football

In the world of college football, there are many teams. Now some of them may have the same colors but none of them share the same logo. Some logos are plain while others stand out. This is what makes college football great. At any point, the colleges may change or alter their logo. Here are the top 5 logos in college football.


1. USC Trojans

The Trojans have been around for a long time. The gold trojan logo on the cardinal red helmet is a great combination. This logo is very powerful not only on the west coast of the US but throughout the country. No matter if the Trojans are wearing their home or away colors the logo fits well.

2. Florida Gators

If you live close to the state of Florida, you know the logo. The logo is the word Gators in blue on an orange helmet. The Gators have changed and added an F on a white helmet as an alternate. The other teams in the state will tell you they hate blue and orange. This college football helmet is iconic in the state of Florida.

3. LSU Tigers

This logo is great because of the color scheme. The Tigers use gold and purple. This logo is LSU and a picture of a tiger in purple on a gold helmet. The Tigers make purple look great. This logo I have seen a lot being a fan of an SEC team. In fact, that team is listed above the Florida Gators.

4. Michigan State Spartans

The two logos for the major two teams in the state of Michigan it is hard not to pick both. The Spartans colors are green and white. This logo is a white spartan on an all green helmet. Like the LSU Tigers, the Spartans make green stand out in college football. When the play the Wolverines it hard to pick because both teams colors and logos are great.

5. Utah Utes

I want to make sure that both coasts and all the country were covered. The Utes colors are white and crimson. This helmet has the Utes logo with feathers on the crimson helmet. This logo is different because the letter U is circled for the University of Utah. This logo stood out to me as one of the best in college football.

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