New York Knicks: Help RJ Barrett Become a Core Player

Now that Duke star R.J. Barrett has been drafted by the New York Knicks, it’s time to figure out how important Barrett can be to their future.

With Barrett having a shooters reputation, it’s important for the Knicks to get a point guard who can dish him the rock. I think New York should scan the market quickly one last time and figure out if they can get Kawhi Leonard, Kevin Durant, etc.

If they can’t they should spread the money around to form a respectable team. Meaning they should bring in Ricky Rubio, Danny Green, Marc Gasol, and Bojan Bogdanovic.

No, this isn’t a flashy group, but they can give R.J. Barrett true pros and guys who have been successful in the NBA.

Barrett appears to have a good head on his shoulders and the Knicks must treat him well and make sure he develops correctly.

New York should want to build around Barrett if he can handle it and that’s if they get Kevin Durant.

The Knicks need to put an emphasis on youth and developing players. Especially since it looks very likely that they will miss out on the big fish this free agency period.

Barrett will have an opportunity to bond with New York Knicks head coach and former Miami Heat assistant David Fizdale. This will obviously play a huge role, especially since Coach Fiz is still getting comfortable in The Big Apple. It will be an opportunity for them to get used to their surroundings together.

If the Knicks can start building a team that can attract big name players, then maybe they can return to relevancy after a long layoff.

Can Barrett be a core player for the Knicks future success? Leave a comment below.

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