Cleveland Cavaliers: Is the Rebuild Officially Underway Tonight?

As of right now, the Cleveland Cavaliers own the number five and 26 picks in Thursday night’s NBA Draft. It is quite possible that Cleveland could trade one or both of those picks. Especially if they feel the need to acquire more picks in the draft.

There have been a couple of rumors that Cleveland could acquire the number 13 pick from the Miami Heat for J.R. Smith and the number 26. There has also been another rumor that Kevin Love could be traded to the New Orleans Pelicans or the Atlanta Hawks.


It is also possible that Jordan Clarkson, Matthew Dellavedova, or Brandon Knight might be traded as well because they all have expiring contracts after this season.

Tristan Thompson also has an expiring contract, but it is possible that the Cavaliers hang onto him because of what he brings to the table every night. Cleveland probably feels like it is hard to find a guy who grabs offensive rebounds as he does.

If the Cleveland Cavaliers were to keep both picks as is right now according to one mock draft, they would be taking shooting guard Jarrett Culver from Texas Tech University and center Bruno Fernando from the University of Maryland.

I do not expect Cleveland to only have two picks in the NBA Draft. I think they will find a way to have three or four picks in the NBA Draft. The Cavaliers do not want to be content tonight. They know if that is the case, it could be potentially harming for the future.

John Beilein is the new Cleveland Cavaliers head coach and it is obvious that they want to have young players. Beilein knows a whole lot about young players because he has coached at the University of Michigan for a very long time. That is one of the reasons why Cleveland probably wants to acquire more picks in the NBA Draft.

They were one of the worst teams in the NBA last season with a 19-63 record. The Cavaliers have a ton of options for tonight and General Manager Koby Altman has to press the right buttons.

If Cleveland wants to be back in the playoffs in a couple of seasons, they have to get tonight right. The rebuild was already underway last season. It started when Lebron James left in free agency for the Los Angeles Lakers last summer. Nonetheless, tonight might seal the deal for it.

The other thing is that some rebuilds take longer than others.

How do you see the Cleveland Cavaliers draft playing out? Leave a comment below.

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