Golden State Warriors: Where do They go if Klay and KD Leave?

The mega multi-talented rhythm and blues phenomenon, Chris Brown, who metamorphoses into actual magic when he dances. Once crooned a heart wrenching, reality-based ballad “There is never a right time to say goodbye”. The same star power Brown commands in the music industry, Golden State Warriors superstar small/power forward garners in the NBA.

Currently, the NBA Finals are in full swing and are operating at the epicenter for all basketball and sports fans globally to enjoy. You would think, sports reporters and other media personnel would prioritize their coverage surrounding the overall success of one of the most treasured franchises in NBA history. Especially considering the Golden State Warriors are once again center stage in this year’s NBA finals competing for their 3rd consecutive Larry O’Brien trophy. This team is one of the most dominant franchises in the last 5 years of the NBA, as well as being the defending 2-time NBA Champions.

However, the topic that takes precedence and is continuously at nausea; is the narrative of the inevitable reality of Golden State Warriors small/power forward Kevin Durant‘s departure. Despite, Durant never publicly stating he was leaving the Warriors. Reminds me of when for months on end, every time I went to Stop & Shop for groceries,  at the check out counter, magazines were reporting how actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith were living separately and unequivocally getting a divorce. Yet, today they are still married.

The harsh reality in the front office of the Warriors is financially due to the NBA salary cap. Tough decisions will have to be made following the Finals. Perennial All-Star players like small/power forward Draymond Green, shooting guard Klay Thompson, center Demarcus Cousins, and All-Pro Kevin Durant all are free-agents this offseason. The question that surely keeps the Golden State Warrior’s front office up at night; is who do keep and who do you move on from?

In a Utopian example, the best case scenario for the Warrior’s franchise is Kevin Durant signs a one-year deal. That would accomplish a multitude of things. Most importantly securing an excitement filled buzz, during the opening of their new $1.4B Chase Center Arena in their new city of San Francisco. Secondly, Durant along with superstar shooting guard Stephen Curry would minimize the magnitude of whether Green and Thompson decide to stay or leave the team. Regardless, the Warriors are poising themselves for another championship run.

Klay Thompson, in my opinion, should be Golden State’s top priority. The team drafted Thompson with the 11th pick in 2011, in the 1st round out of Washington State. Thompson has always professed his love and loyalty for the Warriors. He has worked tirelessly on mastering his skill set to be in the conversation as one of the greatest shooters in NBA history. Furthermore, not only is he amongst the most dangerous offensive weapons in the NBA, but he will also disrupt the opposing team’s best offensive player’s productivity on defense. Thompson is a member of this year’s NBA All-Defensive Team (2nd). Which allows him to sit comfortably in the presence of other outstanding defensive stoppers; like his current nemesis in the NBA Finals Toronto Raptor’s small forward ” Kawhi “cyborg” Leonard.

Worst case situation will be if both Durant and Thompson leave. The only way I see that transpiring is if Golden State Warrior’s coach Steve Kerr continues to not play Thompson in the Finals. In the event, they both leave. The Golden State Warriors will be fine. Simply because they have the team’s leader in Curry secured for the foreseeable future. Curry will always bring legitimacy and credibility to the organization. Also, the Warriors can change directions and sign Draymond Green and or Demarcus Cousins to long term contracts. Cousins, once healthy is either the premiere or second best big man in the league. Besides, this year’s offseason crop of free agents is the strongest and deepest in NBA history. In the end, Warriors will be well positioned and well-equipped to fight for another championship next year.

How would you feel if Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant both left the Golden State Warriors? Leave a comment below.

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