Utah Jazz: Top 5 Replacements for Ricky Rubio

The Utah Jazz has fallen short again after a first-round exit at the hands of the Houston Rockets. So changes are looking to be made. One such change could be in the form of Ricky Rubio.

The Jazz was top of the league in defense. Their defensive rating was 2nd in the league and points allowed per game was 4th. What needs to change is their offense, which was predictable and inconsistent. Their go-to plays were either a Joe Ingles three or a Donovan Mitchell iso and score.


While he was one of the more consistent players in the Rockets/Jazz series, Rubio doesn’t add to the Jazz offense. He made a name for himself in the league for his defense and his passing. Therefore, what are some good replacements for Rubio?

Bradley Beal

This is a no brainer and Bradley would fit in just about any roster but he is exactly what the Jazz need more than anything else. A veteran presence along with being an offensive all-star. I doubt the Wizards trade Beal because that would mean they’re tanking.

Klay Thompson

The Jazz isn’t a likely destination for Klay to land. If he were to decide that he wants to bring a team over the top instead of playing second or third fiddle like the Lakers or Warriors, then the Jazz would be good for him.

Malcolm Brogdon

The Bucks aren’t likely to let him walk because he was a big part of their success this past season. However, Brogdon fits well in Utah; he’s a reliable defender and shooter.

Jeremy Lamb.

Lamb has had a quietly good season under coach Borrego in Charlotte. He didn’t have a good coach when he was with the Thunder and the Jazz having a good coach in Quin Snyder it would likely be a good fit for him.

Patrick Beverley

Beverley’s tenacity on defense and his high percentage from three makes him a good target for the Jazz. He is also able to play along with superstars like Mitchell. He also brings a veteran presence for Mitchell as well. He is the most likely person to go to the Jazz on this list.

Does the Jazz have a chance at any of these names to replace Ricky Rubio? Leave a comment.

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