MLB: The Miami Marlins Could be the Next Team Relocated

With attendance down all over baseball the question is what team is next to relocated. There are many reasons why baseball is in big trouble. The game is boring and expensive. Most of the league is at a disadvantage because of no salary cap. The season is too long. If there are no fans baseball might just fade away. The team that is most likely and should be relocated is the Miami Marlins.


For the first time since the 2004 season, the Marlins had a total of 811,104 fans at their games. That is below a million the last time that occurred was with the Montreal Expos. It was their final season before the relocated to Washington to become the Nationals. That season the Expos averaged 9,356 fans. The Marlins in 2018 averaged 10,013 fans per game. They only averaged 657 more fans than Expos did.

The Marlins built a new stadium in 2012. They made some improvements ahead of the opening day this year. The Marlins are trying to figure out how to get the fans back to the ballpark. They may have to get a team that people will want to go and see. This team has won the World Series twice in 1997 and in 2003. The team may major trades over the offseason and got rid of many of the talented players.

The blame, of course, gets put on current management, but it isn’t their fault. The ex-ownership is to blame because of not caring about the team. The fans then get upset and they by not showing they are sending ownership a message. Now the current team and fanbase can only hope that the new ownership and management can bring back a winning team. The time has come for baseball to be moved out of South Florida. The Marlins will become a new team somewhere the fan base is more in do baseball.

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